19 May, 2018

Rereading the Final Draft (And Working on the Second Book)

I started the process of rereading book one of my Fantasy series. I have gotten a long way from chapter one. I believe I'm on chapter nineteen? Forgot, but I made pretty good progress. I am glad I was able to zip through the chapters. Of course again, I have to wait until my family is asleep before I could get work done. That leaves me at midnight, working. Yeah, just as I have mentioned in this post: Trying To Get Back Into Writing.

About a month ago, I wrote the last notes to the outline of my second book. I wrote a lot, but I put it on hold temporarily to finish polishing the first manuscript. I would like to return to writing the second book. It's just about finished. Well, I'm almost done writing in the main scenes from the outline. Pretty soon, I will have to fill in stuff in between scenes in order to compose it into a complete novel. I just would like to have the second manuscript together before publication.

Lately for the past few days, I haven't had the chance to work on anything. I only read documents through my phone, and I've been studying and being busy with classes. It did benefit me to learn more about the topics I write about, and to get my other projects together. But this is something I've put sweat, tears and so much hard work into. I really want to get back into getting a lot of work done on my Fantasy WIP. I'm dead serious about being a published writer.

So, this is my first time rereading the entire first book as a complete story. Then I will reread it again to make sure I didn't miss anything.

UPDATE: I am rereading the final chapter!

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