21 May, 2018

Useful Reasons To Wear Head Scarves

Back in the day, it was common to wear headscarves. However, many fashion trends are returning, and I can't see why the retro headscarf couldn't. It is a popular habit in Eastern Europe. There are several reasons to wear a headscarf.

Anyway, useful ways to wear a headscarf (also why they were worn back in the day)...

  • During windy days
  • If women just had their hair done
  • For protecting hair and head from the sun, leaves, dirt or anything else
  • For riding in convertibles
  • Gardening
  • Church & prayer
  • Riding a bike or anything that the wind would blow their hair
  • For lazy/bad hair days
  • People with curly hair or natural hair
  • Keeping hair out of the way
  •  Or it was worn just for fashion as an accessory

Audrey Hepburn made the fashion trend popular. Being a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, and the Retro fashion, I have been promoting this vintage fashion trend. Also, I have been sharing the cultural reason to wear them.

The best way in wearing it today, is by not covering all of your hair though. The point is to not be confused with the religious head coverings. Not sure if I said this before, but I like to copy the way scarves are worn in Russia. This is the most appropriate way to wear them in modern times. You can also google search 1960's or 50's headscarves and copy these.

Another mistake I have ran across, was how people label the vintage headscarf as a Muslim hijab. You shouldn't call it a hijab, especially if it's not for religious reasons. It should only be called a headscarf. Most people of modern day makes this mistake because they probably don't fully understand the difference between a hijab and just a plain headscarf. Okay, a hijab is the name of a hair covering for Muslim women. So it's inappropriate to call it a hijab if you are not Muslim, especially if you are Christian or anything else. You may also call it a head covering, hair covering, or plain scarf.

I have bumped into people who wanted to wear headscarves, but it is uncommon to wear scarves in their location unless they are Muslim. Try to be careful what patterns you choose for headscarves, and try to be careful how you wear your headscarf. Follow Eastern European and Vintage patterns only. I also like the East Asian scarf patterns. It is also good to make or purchase square shaped scarves, fold it in a triangle shape, then tie it under your chin. Or you can tie it behind your neck, but only copy from the 1950s-1960s style. A little of your hair from the top should be exposed though, or you can even allow your bangs or parts of your bang to show. However, make sure your hair can be kept out of your way during activities, because that is the whole purpose of wearing headscarves. Try to keep a vintage look so people would better understand. If you can, try to wear retro/vintage styled clothing with it or clothing that matches the scarf you are wearing. Also, you can wear sunglasses. It is good to observe Eastern Europeans and copy their style as well.

Covering the hair has several different reasons, and it doesn't belong to one culture or religion. Even Christian women and Jewish women cover their hair. From a few years of research, I learned actually Christian women were originally supposed to cover their hair. The hair covering has been around for centuries, including the 19th century, and it was done by different cultures. From the question, yes, other religions can and actually should wear some sort of hair coverings.

There are also headscarf styles that are traditional to African cultures. I'm not sure about copying these styles, unless you are able to pull it off and it fits your face. African American women can wear these styles though for fashion, culture and/or bad hair days.

For me, it is kind of cultural and influenced by religion. I was raised to believe covering the hair was most appropriate, and women shouldn't really be seen without hair coverings. It seems headscarves does have some cultural and religious reasons when I think of the reason why I wear headscarves, but not all the time. It can be for any of the above reasons as well. Almost everyday, I find myself needing to throw on a headscarf to hide my bad hair days, and I do a lot of activities where my hair would get in the way. So a headscarf is fashionable, classy and yet useful during this situation.

When making them, it's good to make them out of silk, lace or satin for the summer. Thicker fabric is best for cooler weather.

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