12 June, 2018

My First Try On The PSVR

So today, I tried the VR on the PlayStation 4. I've been doing some research on it before buying because I wasn't sure if it was a good purchase at first. Thinking to try it out, it was purchased.

Setting it up, I noticed you must make sure to be in a safe room away from items you could knock down or you can cause yourself injury. I remember reading a reported death that happened in Russia, where I believe this guy tripped over or either into a table. Also I've read how you have to watch out or you'll accidentally hit your pets if you have any or anyone around you.

For setting up, the headset must be at the same level as the device that comes with VR. After some reviews, I was unsure what to think of it until trying the PSVR for myself.

Wow, I have to say it's not what I expected. It's weird how it's like you are actually in the game. Everywhere you turn, you see other angles of the game you're playing, which is an interesting technology of gaming. It's like 3d television, but more of a closer interaction of playing games.

The first game I tried was a horror game because I usually play horror type games. Well, I play all sorts of games, but I think I shouldn't have tried a dark game for my first experience. You can hear the ambience and the music. For a horror game, it's a surrounding eerieness which causes paranoia. It's so different playing on a VR because the danger or anything else feels more real and more directed to you personally. Wow, that's a strange experience that I can't quite describe. It's really interesting for those afraid of heights or anything. It's very strange.

As I look more into this technology, I will be posting more on this...

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  1. PlayStation VR rocks! I must admit, Apollo is my favorite and it is absolutely free. Modern technology at its finest! Great post; thanks for sharing your perspective on your game experience.


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