22 June, 2018

Relook at the Human Doll Trend

I already made a post about the Human Doll trend, where young people are transforming themselves into real life dolls, cartoons and figurines: Human Dolls: A Never Ending Trend!

I did some research on it, and it seems like ever since that Human Barbie from Ukraine or Russia became a living doll, young women have been interested in transforming themselves as well. It seems like both Ukraine and Russia started this trend. This is not what I wanted to discuss though.

It's not about living in a Fantasy world, it's not about not living in reality, or being unrealistic. I mean, you can still be in the real world and appreciate how dolls look. For me, it's about doing something that will make you happy regardless of what others think, and believe me, people seem like they have a lot to say about us for wanting to resemble dolls. Dolls to me can be beautiful. This is a form of art, to decorate the body, to reach your full potential in beauty. It's about elegance and grace, and becoming a part of art yourself. You are sculpting yourself to resemble a porcelain figure.

I am getting closer to my goal. To me, this is more than a dream, it's something that will be turned into a reality this year. Life is short and you only get to live once, why not invest into your happiness? Regardless of other people's approval or opinions? Whatever it is, I feel people do have rights to pursue goals, ambitions and dreams and to not let people hold you back on what you want to do with your life.

So yes, I will for certain get officially started on my doll plastic surgery. I did all of the steps to keep my skin porcelain. I prefer porcelain, not pale. Only thing I have to do now is get a check up, especially to get rid of this whatever it is I have. I hope it's not pneumonia and it's just a cold. Also, I have to find a good plastic surgeon. I still have to keep on my diet, skin care routine and practicing the kawaii, Gyaru makeup and training to be a model.

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