27 June, 2018

Returning To Microsoft Word

Awhile ago, I stopped writing on Microsoft Word because I was dissatisfied with how it worked. Recently, I just learned how it was upgraded from the old version. Now writers can write online, which is better than writing in documents because I learned it's not good to have projects on one single device. If that device is not working properly or no longer works, then all of your work is gone too. I have had too many problems because of it. That's why I prefer online writing because I can access my work on any device.

Now this would be better for working on Microsoft Word since in the guidelines, you have to not manually format a book. Also, Microsoft added a new auto save feature which is useful.

After learning about different companies, I saw how Microsoft is dominating the technology business. They own MSN, the outlook email, Xbox (while Sony owns PlayStation) and the Microsoft Office and Word. I am sure they own other stuff as well. 

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