30 July, 2018

Made Up An Excuse To Learn Russian...

At first, I didn't have a reason to learn Russian. Well, although I recently became a bit fascinated in the language, since I had no valid reason to learn it, I never had an interest. Recently however, I have been observing this part of the world, Russia, and thought they were worthy of my fascination and my research time. I have began seeking knowledge about the Russia language, the Russian culture and the country Russia as well.

This really happened by accident. It all started in my other WIP which is a Science Fiction series. I am not sure, but I think this was the very first Science Fiction books I started writing or working on. In this book, I have a main character who is considered as an Unsympathetic Character. I learned how to use Unsympathetic Characters as a POV in books. Some writing group, the people there was sharing how I have to write these character types cautiously to not turn off the reader. I mean, an Unsympathetic Character is considered not too much of a nice character, many you may label as a jerk. The key here as said by experts, I learned these characters don't necessarily have to be sympathetic, but the readers must empathize with them.

Sorry, I've gotten off topic. I will make another post on Unsympathetic Characters. Anyway, the POV use to be an American born guy. During the time I wrote outlines and random scene ideas, I unintentionally made scenes to change this main character into a Russian born character. I think I was influenced by the news and something that I read about Russia and their space and other technology. This fitted into the way this book was already going. Not really, but I needed to connect random ideas and dreams together. My research I found did just that. This is about space, technology, military and whatnot anyway.

I wasn't for sure at first what I should do, until deciding to go with my experimental ideas. With this change, it is required that I learn some Russian. It is not a completely Russian book. Like all of my WIPs, it is multicultural and diverse. It doesn't even take place in Russia. The POV will be a Russian-American. I really strive to be diverse in my works. So, I asked, I never used an Eastern European descent character before, why not? No, that's not true. I have books with a Polish, Moldovan and Rusyn (also known as Ruthenes)-Ukrainian POV. I don't like using the same races, cultures and countries for all of my projects. I love including cultures that get poor representation in entertainment or that is overlooked. I love being diverse.

In the American entertainment, Russians can be kind of overlooked, negatively represented and is always stereotyped. That or like the film, Red Sparrow, they can be fetizised. It's not really fair to label anyone when I have read through my studies about each nationality equally contributing to America, and that does include Russian-Americans.

In this WIP, it's to show how there are Russians who are American citizens living in America as well. Their last names are a dead give away. Maybe I was influenced from my years of observing this country, but I still would like to experiment with this version of the book. Well, I suppose it isn't really an excuse I created to learn Russian. I know since I already speak it, well, it has been quite easy and fast for me to start learning Russian. Well, I only require of learning the grammar rules and reading Russian.

24 July, 2018

Having an Online Presence as a Professional

I have read over articles which I was suggested to read. Basically, they were all about how people with corporate or professional jobs conduct themselves while having an online presence. Whether or not people realize this yet, it seems your employer and everyone else does monitor your online presence and every post you make. This determines how you behave, your values and your views.

I remember being told about this one woman who worked for a corporate job, when looking at her social media, she always posted about drinking and party and being wild. After viewing her un-professionalism online, she was fired. Their argument is that, if you work as a professional, as a professional, you are somewhat like a leader. Therefore, you should lead by example, and you should represent the profession with dignity. Should people get fired for their unprofessional online presence? When you are hired as a professional, you are saying you are a professional, and you withhold certain values.

I remember recently too, the director of The Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn was fired for inappropriate tweets on Twitter he tweeted years ago. They were jokes made about rape and pedophilia. After people defending him, I do have to agree with Disney's decision.

Today, it shows more and more Americans are treating this subject like a joke, and Americans have normalized sexual harassment and rape. Almost everyday online and offline, I am subjected to sexual harassment. No, I do not think it is funny. As a Nurse too, I help many women who develop mental illnesses and disabilities after the incidents. They are forever changed for the worst. The saddest ones are the women who are labeled as retarded because it is a traumatic experience that stays with you emotionally and mentally all your life. It scars you. And these women were unable to cope with what happened to them. So, I hate when Americans make jokes out of women being sexually harassed and raped. Being subjected to sexual harassment myself, I dislike people who jokes about this. There is a huge problem with Americans being obsessed and favouring this rape "culture" that I believe should end.

I didn't intend to share stuff like this, but that recent news sort of sparked a memory of a particular incident that I forgot about until recently.

So, I do believe public figures who uses their online presence to promote or joke about these topics does deserve to be fired. Also any harmful material like joking about those with mental illnesses, animal abuse or anything related with children. Especially animals because I am strongly against people who harm things that are defenseless. I believe professionals who have online presences should never post going against anyone's rights, or anything that is bias or divisive. I do keep away from using vulgar language and showing any violent tendencies, although I've been really embarrassed with how the American Officials have been conducting themselves and I believe it is unprofessional.

Anyway, posts that were even done years ago, can later on catch up with you when deciding for a corporate job. I have learned from other's mistakes, to conduct yourself professionally on social media. They observe how you comment, what you comment about, your views, your postings, what you share and every activity from your online presence. I think any public figure is held with the same standards. Once you become a public figure, meaning a writer, creator or anything, especially in the public eye, you are expected to be a leader, and to become someone who leads by example. I think it is right to do so for those who look up to you as a role model, as their leader and as someone they should imitate.   

17 July, 2018

Writing Update

I have finished rereading the final draft to my Fantasy book (book 1), and now I will insert it into Microsoft Word to maybe reread it again to make sure I didn't miss anything. What I read, I was very pleased to see how far I came with my writing skills, and storytelling abilities. Also, how much I transformed this book into a more consistent and solid story. I spent a few years coming up with the worlds, the words and the unique Fantasy I guess setting. I had a passion to write this book, but I knew it needed lots more work. And I know what others were saying to just publish the book since I was finished, but why rush to publish a book you know is inconsistent and has lots of errors?

The book at first was all over the place, but now it is more cohesive. I am continuing my education on writing however.

After finishing up with these steps, I will next go to the Library of Congress because I don't agree with the advise to submit to agents and stuff before copyrighting it. I already had other writers online who thought I was naive because I was young, trying to steal my book. Already too, people have stolen the name and concept of Tikaani Moon, my pen name and trademark, something I don't allow people to use. On Facebook, I was the only Tikaani on there, but ever since me, there is a bunch of Tikaani's. Also on Google, a publishing company used my Tikaani Moon name and wolf concept. No one did anything about it. So I rather be safe than sorry, and I worked so hard for years on this book, I am very protective of all of my work. This is another reason why I wouldn't share anything in detailed about the book's plot, characters, Fantasy worlds or anything original I came up with.

But I can share some things like it does takes place in Canada at first. I've been interested in Canada, and studied this country for years. My mom told me my studying was a bit obsessive in Canada, but there were just a lot of things I love about Canada that I wanted to learn more about. This book does not have any biasness towards any nationalities because I've read other books, and I dislike how writers just add and keep the tension between nations going. They are helping influence how people should feel about one another. I believe this brings Canadians and Americans together respectfully, and as we should be. No biasness, only reconciliation.

I've ran across someone who told me they don't like French people or France, so I am making a note that the French culture, people and France, and also French Canadians has a huge role in the entire series. Some of the main characters are French. I learned French in order to add some French dialogue, and some of the Fantasy vocabulary is French based. So you would have to like or at least be accepting of the French culture and people to read it. I think I was influenced by my mom who have been studying French for 2 years. The first international music I listened to was French as well, which interested me in France.

Not just the French, but it brings a lot of cultures together, not as rivals or enemies, for it is not about nationality or race, but it is solely about the Fantasy plot. I like multiculturalism, so this book series is multicultural.

And so I hope to get going on the steps in getting the book published...  

03 July, 2018


I am posting again for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Here's a link if you are interested in learning more about it.

Optional Question - What are your ultimate writing goals, and have they changed over time (if at all)?  

My writing goals is to eventually become a published and established writer so I can officially say writing is my career, one of my careers. I find enjoyment in creating. So it would be nice to get paid doing something I love doing. I'm closer to this goal now than ever because I've got my first book finished. All I have to do is polish it, and other stuff.

Looking back at when I first started writing, I don't think nothing has changed, because that's always been my ultimate writing goal. Although now, I've grown to be a soul who appreciates simplicity. I wish to find that special place in the world where I can write in peace and quiet, and with very beautiful scenery. That is why I considered moving to Canada, Germany or a smaller area in the U.K. I'm leaning towards Germany. Or a country like Switzerland with beautiful scenery to write.

Like I said, after a few years, I will be finally ready for publication. I want to publish outside of the United States since I will be moving out of the country. My main interest would be Japan because I have been seeking employment and career opportunities there related to writing. I am open to publish in any other country though.

Since the first three days of July also is the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, I have been inspired to make it a goal to finish the WIPs that's related to the American Civil War, and also the project related to the Declaration of Independence. Every year, I don't celebrate the 4th of July like most. Instead, I read over the Constitution and learn more about the Revolutionary War and stuff. It has inspired me to write about these topics as well. 

Realization About Publication

For years, I have been studying about the process of getting published. Now that I am closer to publication than ever before, the very thought can cause some self doubt. I read so many posts about how writer's work was rejected. You know, it can be difficult if you worked so hard on something, only for someone who holds the key to forward moving tells you your hard work isn't good enough.

I saw that the only ones who stand in my way of going forward in my writing career are literary agents and publishers who might reject my manuscript. I believe since I extended my search to other countries, this broadens my chances. However, it can sort of intimidate you into a self doubting skepticism. You may wonder if your book is even good enough. Then I remember the quote, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Just because many people couldn't get anywhere in the publishing industry, that doesn't mean another person could not.

Then you have others who couldn't make it and gave up, try to discourage anyone else who is trying to publish. They try to convince others, they can't make it only because they didn't. I learned to ignore these people and no matter what, to keep going. Nothing will haunt you more than the risk we never take, for giving up and the dream we didn't follow. I learned personally from people who gave up on their dreams. These people are currently in regret in their old age. Many have thought of me as delusional for thinking this way, but it's not delusional. Humans have a right to their own opinions, just as I have a right to continue on my ambitious journey.

But it can be a little worrisome, because you're pressured about always having to pitch your book to anyone who ask what is it about. I'm not at that point yet. I will soon though, but most importantly having to pitch it to agents and publishers.

Anyway, despite all of this research on how publishing can be hard, I will continue pursuing a path to traditional publishing.

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