07 March, 2021

Avoiding Distractions

I read 7 Sneaky Ways Writers Get Distracted From Work Without Realizing It | Writer’s Relief years ago from Writer's Relief. This is something I've followed and get emails from ever since I began serious writing as a teen. It basically discusses how some writing habits can be disguised as "distractions". It probably would've been helpful years ago, for I realized a couple of these I was doing. 

But when I went to school for writing years ago, I was taught of how research was important. Many of my bad habits and thinking originated from attending college. I use to be obsessed with research. So much, I spent too long doing this. I just didn't want to put something out there and the research is all wrong, especially the French I added in the Polar Qimuktis. I now know you do have to research for a project, but not taking years doing it. 

I never had problems with the other things on the list such as reading, social media or marketing. The only thing would have to be editing. I've mentioned this before, but I think my other major problem was editing. Well, really rewriting everything over and over again. I at first was undecided with the Polar Qimuktis for the last revisions. I changed character personalities and even switched who was the main characters. After rereading the original version, I realized that was better than my "experiments". However, certain things was necessary to edit. While editing is important, I guess editing to the point there's no progress is not good. It took me a long time to get out of this habit. I think maturing developed me into a more productive writer. 

While I now know what can be distracting, I didn't realize these two things I did in fact kept me from publishing sooner. However, since I'm more knowledgeable about writing (a bit), I can try to cut bad habits out that's not productive. 

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