24 July, 2018

Having an Online Presence as a Professional

I have read over articles which I was suggested to read. Basically, they were all about how people with corporate or professional jobs conduct themselves while having an online presence. Whether or not people realize this yet, it seems your employer and everyone else does monitor your online presence and every post you make. This determines how you behave, your values and your views.

I remember being told about this one woman who worked for a corporate job, when looking at her social media, she always posted about drinking and party and being wild. After viewing her un-professionalism online, she was fired. Their argument is that, if you work as a professional, as a professional, you are somewhat like a leader. Therefore, you should lead by example, and you should represent the profession with dignity. Should people get fired for their unprofessional online presence? When you are hired as a professional, you are saying you are a professional, and you withhold certain values.

I remember recently too, the director of The Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn was fired for inappropriate tweets on Twitter he tweeted years ago. They were jokes made about rape and pedophilia. After people defending him, I do have to agree with Disney's decision.

Today, it shows more and more Americans are treating this subject like a joke, and Americans have normalized sexual harassment and rape. Almost everyday online and offline, I am subjected to sexual harassment. No, I do not think it is funny. As a Nurse too, I help many women who develop mental illnesses and disabilities after the incidents. They are forever changed for the worst. The saddest ones are the women who are labeled as retarded because it is a traumatic experience that stays with you emotionally and mentally all your life. It scars you. And these women were unable to cope with what happened to them. So, I hate when Americans make jokes out of women being sexually harassed and raped. Being subjected to sexual harassment myself, I dislike people who jokes about this. There is a huge problem with Americans being obsessed and favouring this rape "culture" that I believe should end.

I didn't intend to share stuff like this, but that recent news sort of sparked a memory of a particular incident that I forgot about until recently.

So, I do believe public figures who uses their online presence to promote or joke about these topics does deserve to be fired. Also any harmful material like joking about those with mental illnesses, animal abuse or anything related with children. Especially animals because I am strongly against people who harm things that are defenseless. I believe professionals who have online presences should never post going against anyone's rights, or anything that is bias or divisive. I do keep away from using vulgar language and showing any violent tendencies, although I've been really embarrassed with how the American Officials have been conducting themselves and I believe it is unprofessional.

Anyway, posts that were even done years ago, can later on catch up with you when deciding for a corporate job. I have learned from other's mistakes, to conduct yourself professionally on social media. They observe how you comment, what you comment about, your views, your postings, what you share and every activity from your online presence. I think any public figure is held with the same standards. Once you become a public figure, meaning a writer, creator or anything, especially in the public eye, you are expected to be a leader, and to become someone who leads by example. I think it is right to do so for those who look up to you as a role model, as their leader and as someone they should imitate.   

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