30 July, 2018

Made Up An Excuse To Learn Russian...

At first, I didn't have a reason to learn Russian. Well, although I recently became a bit fascinated in the language, since I had no valid reason to learn it, I never had an interest. Recently however, I have been observing this part of the world, Russia, and thought they were worthy of my fascination and my research time. I have began seeking knowledge about the Russia language, the Russian culture and the country Russia as well.

This really happened by accident. It all started in my other WIP which is a Science Fiction series. I am not sure, but I think this was the very first Science Fiction books I started writing or working on. In this book, I have a main character who is considered as an Unsympathetic Character. I learned how to use Unsympathetic Characters as a POV in books. Some writing group, the people there was sharing how I have to write these character types cautiously to not turn off the reader. I mean, an Unsympathetic Character is considered not too much of a nice character, many you may label as a jerk. The key here as said by experts, I learned these characters don't necessarily have to be sympathetic, but the readers must empathize with them.

Sorry, I've gotten off topic. I will make another post on Unsympathetic Characters. Anyway, the POV use to be an American born guy. During the time I wrote outlines and random scene ideas, I unintentionally made scenes to change this main character into a Russian born character. I think I was influenced by the news and something that I read about Russia and their space and other technology. This fitted into the way this book was already going. Not really, but I needed to connect random ideas and dreams together. My research I found did just that. This is about space, technology, military and whatnot anyway.

I wasn't for sure at first what I should do, until deciding to go with my experimental ideas. With this change, it is required that I learn some Russian. It is not a completely Russian book. Like all of my WIPs, it is multicultural and diverse. It doesn't even take place in Russia. The POV will be a Russian-American. I really strive to be diverse in my works. So, I asked, I never used an Eastern European descent character before, why not? No, that's not true. I have books with a Polish, Moldovan and Rusyn (also known as Ruthenes)-Ukrainian POV. I don't like using the same races, cultures and countries for all of my projects. I love including cultures that get poor representation in entertainment or that is overlooked. I love being diverse.

In the American entertainment, Russians can be kind of overlooked, negatively represented and is always stereotyped. That or like the film, Red Sparrow, they can be fetizised. It's not really fair to label anyone when I have read through my studies about each nationality equally contributing to America, and that does include Russian-Americans.

In this WIP, it's to show how there are Russians who are American citizens living in America as well. Their last names are a dead give away. Maybe I was influenced from my years of observing this country, but I still would like to experiment with this version of the book. Well, I suppose it isn't really an excuse I created to learn Russian. I know since I already speak it, well, it has been quite easy and fast for me to start learning Russian. Well, I only require of learning the grammar rules and reading Russian.

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