03 July, 2018

Realization About Publication

For years, I have been studying about the process of getting published. Now that I am closer to publication than ever before, the very thought can cause some self doubt. I read so many posts about how writer's work was rejected. You know, it can be difficult if you worked so hard on something, only for someone who holds the key to forward moving tells you your hard work isn't good enough.

I saw that the only ones who stand in my way of going forward in my writing career are literary agents and publishers who might reject my manuscript. I believe since I extended my search to other countries, this broadens my chances. However, it can sort of intimidate you into a self doubting skepticism. You may wonder if your book is even good enough. Then I remember the quote, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Just because many people couldn't get anywhere in the publishing industry, that doesn't mean another person could not.

Then you have others who couldn't make it and gave up, try to discourage anyone else who is trying to publish. They try to convince others, they can't make it only because they didn't. I learned to ignore these people and no matter what, to keep going. Nothing will haunt you more than the risk we never take, for giving up and the dream we didn't follow. I learned personally from people who gave up on their dreams. These people are currently in regret in their old age. Many have thought of me as delusional for thinking this way, but it's not delusional. Humans have a right to their own opinions, just as I have a right to continue on my ambitious journey.

But it can be a little worrisome, because you're pressured about always having to pitch your book to anyone who ask what is it about. I'm not at that point yet. I will soon though, but most importantly having to pitch it to agents and publishers.

Anyway, despite all of this research on how publishing can be hard, I will continue pursuing a path to traditional publishing.

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