27 October, 2021

Tournament Manga

Tournament manga usually refers to a manga story that involves some sort of like a sporting event. The sport may or may not include animals. To simplify things, the anime, Pokemon, Beyblade is considered Tournament Shounen anime.

I started my Tournament based series after I came up with the other Shounen manga. I studied the existing Tournament manga, and soon found an original sport to follow.

I am world building, developing characters, creating character profiles and just about finished naming all of the characters from this series. This manga I plan to turn into a generational story. You know, how there are a new batch of characters for each generation with a new story. Well, it's under the same story and title, but only the characters will be new.

I brainstormed until finding a concept I liked about this project. From a recent idea, I think I enhanced the first generation of the series. I believe the impression of the first generation will be quite crucial to keep readers.

I have imagined how I wish this manga to be illustrated by a manga artist. The character profiles are perfect references for manga artists so they can draw up the characters.

So, this is one of my projects I wanted to share.

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