17 July, 2018

Writing Update

I have finished rereading the final draft to my Fantasy book (book 1), and now I will insert it into Microsoft Word to maybe reread it again to make sure I didn't miss anything. What I read, I was very pleased to see how far I came with my writing skills, and storytelling abilities. Also, how much I transformed this book into a more consistent and solid story. I spent a few years coming up with the worlds, the words and the unique Fantasy I guess setting. I had a passion to write this book, but I knew it needed lots more work. And I know what others were saying to just publish the book since I was finished, but why rush to publish a book you know is inconsistent and has lots of errors?

The book at first was all over the place, but now it is more cohesive. I am continuing my education on writing however.

After finishing up with these steps, I will next go to the Library of Congress because I don't agree with the advise to submit to agents and stuff before copyrighting it. I already had other writers online who thought I was naive because I was young, trying to steal my book. Already too, people have stolen the name and concept of Tikaani Moon, my pen name and trademark, something I don't allow people to use. On Facebook, I was the only Tikaani on there, but ever since me, there is a bunch of Tikaani's. Also on Google, a publishing company used my Tikaani Moon name and wolf concept. No one did anything about it. So I rather be safe than sorry, and I worked so hard for years on this book, I am very protective of all of my work. This is another reason why I wouldn't share anything in detailed about the book's plot, characters, Fantasy worlds or anything original I came up with.

But I can share some things like it does takes place in Canada at first. I've been interested in Canada, and studied this country for years. My mom told me my studying was a bit obsessive in Canada, but there were just a lot of things I love about Canada that I wanted to learn more about. This book does not have any biasness towards any nationalities because I've read other books, and I dislike how writers just add and keep the tension between nations going. They are helping influence how people should feel about one another. I believe this brings Canadians and Americans together respectfully, and as we should be. No biasness, only reconciliation.

I've ran across someone who told me they don't like French people or France, so I am making a note that the French culture, people and France, and also French Canadians has a huge role in the entire series. Some of the main characters are French. I learned French in order to add some French dialogue, and some of the Fantasy vocabulary is French based. So you would have to like or at least be accepting of the French culture and people to read it. I think I was influenced by my mom who have been studying French for 2 years. The first international music I listened to was French as well, which interested me in France.

Not just the French, but it brings a lot of cultures together, not as rivals or enemies, for it is not about nationality or race, but it is solely about the Fantasy plot. I like multiculturalism, so this book series is multicultural.

And so I hope to get going on the steps in getting the book published...  

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