01 August, 2018

August IWSG

It is time for my first August Insecure Writer's Support Group posting. If you would like to learn more about it, visit here...

I usually just answer the optional question, but since I can't give out advice since I am an aspiring writer, so I will share something else.

I just finished rechecking my manuscript. I found some chapters that haven't been titled yet, so that's all I have to do, then I am ready to tackle the publishing world. I know this is it after all of these years improving my writing skills, and now I made this book better I believe. I haven't really checked to see where to submit to yet because I wasn't at that stage. I normally do not share insecurities, but the uncertainty of everything can make anyone wonder. If I think about it too hard, it can make me doubt my writing altogether. I think it is caused by a fear of rejection.

 I am currently not too picky where I publish my books at. I will settle for any country. But I know I have been overthinking everything, which has sort of kept me from going forward. I look at the Fantasy world, wondering if I built it enough.

I am aware of how hard it is to get published, but I will continue on the path to traditional publication. With all my research, I don't think self-publishing is best for me. I do know how harder it is to traditional publish. As I get closer, I have been a little brooding. If the United States agents and publishers don't work out, I will go elsewhere. I have already found an Estonian publisher, but I wasn't too sure about how safe it is to work there and possibly live there. I prefer to stay within countries that have a strong good relation between the US. I also try to avoid language barriers in book publishers. I already am learning Japanese, French, German, Arabic, Turkish, but I know more Russian.

Anyway, I've been taught to never quit no matter what. There have been days where I did want to quit trying to be an established writer, and do something more in business, but I was told I can do both. So that's what I'll do. I learned years ago that being a writer is considered a business like industry. When I wanted to quit, my family encouraged me to continue. I appreciate their support, for my family has been the only support I had and I really needed. I know it is not easy writing and publishing. I believe my main reason why I considered giving up was my doubts if my writing was any good at all. 

Another thing on my path to publication, yes I have stated many times, my pen name and author brand is a Native American theme. I did this in order to bring awareness to the Native American culture in a respectful way. I know under this name, I have an obligation not to mess up anything. Oh sure, I could have picked something from my own culture, but I wanted something that can fit the first book I'm publishing too. Recently, I spoken to a Native American who thought it was a great thing I was doing, representing the Native American community in my writing. He gave me a proverb which basically said, I should share my story. The longer the story, especially in a book length, the better the story.

I cannot share any advice, but I am always receiving advice, for I am the knowledge seeker. As the knowledge seeker, I am always in search to expand my knowledge on the things that interest me. I've done fine getting the information I need on my own and through observing human beings.  


  1. Everyone has doubts, I think. I know I do. Try not to let them get you down or make you doubt what you're doing. If you love writing, keep on writing. Hopefully, others will see the value of your work and you'll get published.
    Have a great week!

  2. Thank you for your comment and words of encouragement. It is hard but I still try to remember I'm writing only for my love for writing.

  3. Doubts are part of the process. It's been said writing is almost an act of physical courage. Nice post!


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