24 August, 2018

Language Learning and Education In America

I recently heard that only 14-16% of Americans study another language. That is contrast to other countries where they do learn two or more languages. In Turkey alone, I've read the average person knows at least three languages. When it comes to Americans, less of them are interested in learning languages. Probably because many feel they have no need in learning languages, and the only language they need to know is English. When it comes to different cultures too, most Americans are not interested in learning about other countries and cultures.

The same thing can occur related to education altogether. I read most Americans have a six grade level education. I didn't realize that was true. Then I learned of how the American schools are failing to give students proper education. The teachers are simply not qualified to teach. I know this from personal experience. Most of the teachers I encountered were teaching incorrect information. I've had too many clashes with teachers because I or either my mother corrected them when they were wrong, in which this was most of the time. The truth is, the teacher's education is limited by the book you always see teachers hold that actually gives them all of the answers. A few years ago, the teachers from Minnesota were all fired after they were given tests, and it showed they weren't qualified to teach.

Americans are not taught the benefits of knowing more than one language, but little do they know, it does have its benefits. They also fail to give proper education on history, culture, languages and geographics. I feel the schools and also Americans themselves fail to be educated on many things. You cannot solely blame schools when the information is available for anyone to learn. However, the schools are a huge let down how we're given mediocre education. Through textbooks, it tells you how specific neighborhoods and economic levels of these neighborhoods plays a huge role in the quality of education a person in America will receive.

Another thing about education in America is that I feel most Americans seem not interested in learning. This is a common pattern among students as well. I remember when I use to go to public school, the students there had no desire to learn anything. The average feels education and learning should end at a certain point, but I say it does not. Just because the bell rung or you graduated out of school, that doesn't mean your education should end. Even Albert Einstein believed education is something you should continue for a lifetime.

The common mistake people make would be not brushing up on the material they have learned. Math, spelling, grammar, counting money or anything else, if you do not use the information you learned, it is easy to forget. This is the reason why everyday I look back on these things in order to not forget them. I have seen more and more people getting humiliated because they couldn't count money, forget how to tell time, measurements or anything else.

I guess that makes me one of few in the United States who is learning more than three languages. I really do admire people from different countries or even the few Americans who know it's best to be educated, and it can encourage others to gain knowledge as they have. It sort of makes you curious who has more and better education. No doubt perhaps those outside of the United States. I mean, there is no comparing anyone to China and other East Asian countries, for I believe they surpass everyone. I watched a documentary of children in East Asia leaving home to study early. I cannot say anyone else is more dedicated to education than they. This is also a reason why this region has the highest suicide rate in the world. Early on, these group of people are taught to get a perfect education, and become someone who would successfully contribute to society. Depression occurs when this does not happen for them. They didn't get all of that training just to be a cashier at McDonald's.

So, Americans are not even at the same level as China. For starters, Americans have different thinking when it comes to success. They sort of set their standards low and I've personal experience of this. Most people who I encounter encourage me to just settle, but I don't want to settle for the language I already know and my current status. It seems like very few understand if you want something more for yourself.

Anyway, I would like to make another post about that soon. I just feel there should be more Americans studying different languages. Do not think an isolated way. Every country is filled with beautiful cultures and languages that are worthy of learning. That is from Europe to Africa. Each culture is beautiful because they are unique. No one around me even knows another language. My boss and coworkers I suppose count and they would be the only ones I know who speaks different languages. They are immigrants and this would explain why though. Perhaps then that 14-16% are mostly immigrants? Not sure how they're counting that. I wish language learning would be normalized and more accepted in the United States. I also wish for diversity and a variety of cultures can be accepted. Hopefully too, the education will improve in America...

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