05 August, 2018

New Arrivals From Japan!

Here is a new skirt from Japan that arrived today. It is a bit small, and it fits someone who is really petite. I was able to fit it when trying it on.

I just can't figure out what these are for yet....

A Sailor Moon sweater. It even has Japanese writing on it! I just haven't tried it on yet. I know I should to see if I can fit it.

These are my new purses from Japan I got a few weeks ago I believe. Really nice. I can't wait to start wearing them.

UPDATE: I have been shopping recently, and I ran across some things from Russia! I just made an order, and I found things I hope my mother would like and it's from her memory of when she lived in Russia. That's the main reason why I ordered. I hope to get things from my mother's memories. I also found stuff from Japan, India and my favourite country, Turkey! I will share as soon as they arrive.

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