06 August, 2018

The End Of Senior Care

I just received news that in the United States, seniors will have no care benefits and opportunities for them anymore. Pretty soon, there will be an end to senior care mainly for nursing homes. Each day, the American government takes away senior rights and ease of life. By the time younger people are seniors themselves, there will be nothing for these people. It is already a fact that retirement is disappearing in America. Now, it's the norm where seniors must work until their death without retirement.

I heard that the Baby Boomers and seniors are seen as people who lost their usefulness in society, and so the government feels it is plausible to remove assistance for them. The raw truth is that seniors are placed in nursing homes because their family are unwilling to provide the care they need. So that is why nursing homes exist, so these people are able to receive their needed assistance.

I do have to mention the extreme abuse in nursing homes however. Everyday, the residents are overcharged, abused, neglected and given expired food. They are not really receiving the care they need when placed into nursing homes because of the ill-treatment they face in these facilities, and that's why I feel senior care should improve. There needs to be better workers who actually provide quality care to the residents.

But now, seniors won't even have this. Already, residents have been kicked out of nursing homes and placed in mental hospitals or left homeless. Now they wish to return an old practice where seniors are placed in hospitals instead of nursing homes. The United States is trying to go backward instead of forward, including how they wish to return mental institutions/asylums.

Due to the severe mistreatment of seniors, the United States is really not considered a good country for retirement because retirement doesn't exist in America. 

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