10 September, 2018

A Short Summary of a Program I watched (Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth)

I recently watched a program on Abraham Lincoln. This post was to give a short summary and well, it was to share how I learned more about John Wilkes Booth. I have been learning about John Wilkes Booth through books and videos, and so I was glad to have caught this on television.

As I have read through an archive from Columbia Heights, Minnesota, the town where I live, Abraham Lincoln was not as loved as most people assume he was. I shall repeat what I read in the archive how people were unhappy with Abraham Lincoln's decisions he made. Even after his assassination, people in the town didn't favour him. I remember one guy who wanted to reenact Lincoln, but no one was interested in watching the play.

I know many Civil War researchers can argue it wasn't solely about slavery and racism, but majority of the history of the American Civil War was a race relation as it is today. This is the reason why many fear of a second American Civil War. It is possible and I'm not ruling it out, for even some parts of different States have already seceded from the rest of the United States so they can have independent regulations. One disturbing thing, was how they wished to bring back slavery in the southern States. They must have been successful because I read an article where there are more than 400,000 people enslaved in the United States today, in modern days. America has also been responsible for human trafficking. When you think of human trafficking, please do not be narrow minded, for people can be kidnapped for a number of reasons. Like in America, the government would take people from Guam, China, Mexico and other foreign countries and force them to work in nail salons, restaurants and other places. I do believe some of these people were also enslaved.

So anyway, I do feel race did have a huge role in the American Civil War, especially after viewing this program. I learned people were unhappy when Abraham Lincoln freed slaves, and people started calling him, "Negro president". I remember watching on how when Lincoln died, the freed slaves seemed to grieve him more than anyone else. It wasn't until 100 years later did Abraham Lincoln became celebrated as a beloved president. During his actual presidency, people hated him as much as people hate Donald Trump.

John Wilkes Booth was one of many who wanted Lincoln out of office. He made the decision to not serve during the American Civil War, for he believed he was better suited for acting. Later on, he thought it was a wrong choice he made. He somehow blamed Lincoln for his missed opportunity to serve his country. Booth at first had a plan to kidnap the president, but then he decided on just assassinating him. People were tired of Abraham Lincoln, and they were tired of no one doing anything about him being in office. That is why John Wilkes Booth took matters into his own hands. According to the program, he had been planning this for some time.

Abraham Lincoln was actually assassinated during his second inauguration. Most people think Lincoln was a one term president, and technically you could say that since he didn't live to serve for his second term, but he was sworn in a second time. I did read an interesting archive that stated everyone all knows that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated April 15, 1865, but according to the archive I found, he was actually assassinated in 1864. I would love to look more into if this archive was actually correct.

Abraham Lincoln is known to be the first American president who was assassinated, but he wasn't the last. In fact, there had been four presidents that were assassinated in U.S. history. Most people only assumed Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated but they were not the only two who were killed. James A. Garfield in 1881 and Williams McKinley in 1901 were also American presidents who were assassinated in office.  

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