17 July, 2021

Art Honouring Pokemon Throwbacks

90's Throwback, pokemon series, misty pokemon, ash ketchum, pikachu

July 11 was my birthday. On that day, I reflected on the 90's and the stuff I grew up with. Like what was said in an older post, I had my failed drawing redrawn to this. I wanted drawings of the old Pokémon, for a series of artwork to bring back older entertainment. I wish I could draw them myself. It amazes me so about art. The talent of artists, and the capability of instilling memories and moments forever. One look of art can bring back things. 

During my mid-teen years, the second generation (with May) was on. I couldn't find the remote to change it, and so I decided to watch it. Actually, I was watching every show that was on the old Boomerang channel. This was when Boomerang actually had the old cartoons, but since the whole flip, they no longer do. I saw on the website the UK now owns Boomerang, and so they got rid of all of the classic cartoons. I liked the old version of this channel because it was a nice thing to have a reminisce of your childhood. You know when you say, "I remember watching that." I would every now and then watch them for a throwback day. I remember cartoons like the Power Puff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory; things a 90's kid would remember. They show them sometimes around midnight. That's okay though. 

Anyway, on this day, I thought this one episode wasn't bad at all. So, I started watching it everyday and that's how I became an official Pokémon fan. Looking back now, I would catch the original Pokémon series on whenever my sister was watching it. She was (and still is) a serious anime fan. I wasn't an anime fan until the days I watched a few episodes. Then I ventured off to other titles such as Digimon, Scan2Go (underrated series), Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and more. 

I wanted to have a series of art like this drawn to capture the memories of the throwback elements. I'll set it up, then start this soon...   

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