05 September, 2018

Synthetic Food

I have been extremely disappointed in the way Americans are being fed. I feel it's a huge disappointment when you are trusting your government to make right decisions for you, and to protect you, but they do the opposite.

The 2018 recall of food made me realize a lot. A few years ago, I started researching to know what was exactly in the food Americans eat, and what I learned, I was disgusted. There was a recall from specifically General Mills and Kellogg's cereal and food, but also Quaker Oats and the Goldfish crackers. It wasn't just the crackers, but the Whey ingredient, which is this strange powder cheese. I'm not sure if it's real cheese, but I don't think it is.

In reality, Americans are given synthetic food which is not edible. I wanted to make another post about this because of how disappointed I was in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in how they deem food safe that actually is not safe for humans to consume. I've became disappointed in the FDA and how they're doing a poor job in regulating food and other things for our consumption and use.

The cereal is made with Trisodium Phosphate, a weird white solid chemical that is used as a cleaning agent, what you would find in paint thinners, soaps, toilet cleaners, degreasers and other cleaning items. That's not all. Also, Weed Killer's among other chemicals are made for our food for us to eat. This recall has been going on since 2016, but the FDA claimed since no one died from the poison and salmonella, they allowed Americans to continue eating the food.

The problem with this is, Americans cannot avoid eating synthetic food and inedible ingredients. Even the "healthy" foods have these ingredients in it, and I learned that the food they are marketing as healthy are not even healthy at all. They say 100%, but it's not 100%. It's made with chemicals and other junk that people shouldn't even eat. That's just a marketing gimmick so people can buy it and it's working.

These chemicals and other crap, they cause illnesses and symptoms. So people can have headaches, stomach aches, nausea or anything else and not know it's from the food they're eating.

I read today too on a foreign news site how American rice is made with metals and other inedible ingredients. Of course, the American sources did not share how the rice is being made in the United States. A lot of things are censored.

The worse part about it is that, on the news, it says our food is being made with Weed Killers. Okay, but the food is STILL being sold to Americans to eat. They say it's a recall, but I don't consider it an actual recall if the contaminated food remains on the shelves to be sold. I always ask, then why are they still selling it? Why hasn't the food been pulled from stores already?

The frustrating question is, what can you eat if everything is made with these ingredients? From the meat, to snacks, to bread and even fruits and vegetables? Yeah, most food sold in America are genetically modified to increase the size of the food. However, the chemicals being used to make our food larger are not safe to eat.

I also learned how all of American food has chemicals in it so people can grow addicted to the food. That is why you have a craving for certain food. These chemicals create the same reaction as a drug addict would behave regarding drugs. Right on that topic, I wanted to mention cigarettes/tobacco.

A while back, I remember finding out tobacco was an invention created by the government as a spending gimmick. Like the food, tobacco was and is made with ingredients to get people addicted. Back when it was actually glamourized and not shunned, people who warned the public on the safety risks of tobacco, these people were ignored and thrown in a corner. They were censored pretty much. I find it interesting out of all of these years, now everyone is concerned with the dangers of tobacco.

After learning this, I realized how the richest country in the world short changes its citizens. This is the reason why in many foreign countries, American food is banned. I just don't understand why they have to do this being the wealthiest country in the world. It seems the American government really doesn't look after the health and wellbeing of the citizens, but only follow money. The only thing that matters to the government is staying the richest, regardless if it hurts its own people.   

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