02 September, 2018

Returning to Google Docs

Yes, the title is correct. I know I wrote a post on how I went back to writing on Microsoft Word because this program was the only that had the proper manuscript format, but after returning to Word, I remain disappointed.

Due to the failed communication Microsoft had with me, I feel this issue should be mentioned. I feel even with their Xbox console, Microsoft is sort of poor when it comes to listening to their consumers.

So I downloaded the manuscript format and then I inserted my manuscript into Word in order to have it formatted. This was book one of my Fantasy series. Since it went alright and it would be more convenient to work on Word, I inserted book two and book three into the program as well. For a few weeks, maybe like for the beginning of August, I wrote on Word. So far, things were working fine. Then one day, I noticed I had trouble saving my document when I wrote in it. It kept saying it can't save and to create a new document in order for the new stuff to be saved. I did that. Next day, I tried opening the document, but I learned it was saying it cannot be opened. Now for that short time, I wrote a lot for book two of my series. Since I was finished with book one, I was ready to get the second and third book finished as well. But Word is not letting me open my document!

I went on Google to figure out what was the problem and how to fix it. I looked at all of the forums and websites that popped up and I tried every solution. None of them worked. I still could not open my document. I felt the same way I felt years ago, but without crying about it. I was and still is very angry about losing good material because I felt that was the best I written. After a few people tried to help me retrieve my document, but failed, I reluctantly determined it was a loss and I rewrote the entire chapter again. Yeah, on the document, I had already finished writing an entire chapter, but all of that was gone. It kept saying the document didn't exist and I didn't have permission to view it. Nothing worked to try to access the document.

I placed all of my work on Onedrive for backup, but still it wouldn't allow me to open the document. In fact, on Onedrive, it is saying that the document doesn't exist. That was unbelievable. I contacted Microsoft, especially after some random person pretending to be Microsoft trying to access my personal information from my computer. I did inform Microsoft of this company posing as them, most importantly I wanted help in retrieving my document. I also had unusual things happen which questioned if Microsoft has secure stuff for writing.

So, I decided to return back to Google Docs. I will only write the book or anything else on Docs. When I am finished writing it, I will insert it into Microsoft Word to have it formatted for a manuscript. I noticed no problems occurred when I only inserted stuff into Word; the problem started when I started writing everyday while using Word. I know many experts say you should write in Microsoft Word, but for me, it's best to write in Google Docs.  

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