05 September, 2018

September IWSG


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Optional Question - What Publishing Path are You Considering/Did You Take, and Why?

For years, I have researched publishing options for when I finally finished my book. After my research, I and also my family agrees that traditional publishing is best for me. I feel being a first time writer and if you are not already established with some sort of a platform, I believe the publishers could assist me in the right direction in the publishing industry. I saw the doubled work that comes with self publishing even though self publishing may work best for other writers, but I feel it's not best for me.

Secondly, I would prefer to publish internationally due to the decrease in diversity and the low tolerance in foreign countries and cultures the United States have. I also write manga, games and scripts and in other countries, I have seen one publishing company also dealing with these sorts of work. I rather be published under one publisher who can deal with all of my work and not just one. I am more interested in publishing wherever I will move to.

So anyway, I just submitted my first book to the copyright office and soon I will be looking for an agent and publisher. So I will seek to traditional publish, hopefully pretty soon. Whoever accepts my work, I will have much to offer to their company, for I have countless projects. I hope to get a publisher that can publish my books, manga, games and deal with scripts. So far, the only publishers I see fitting my needs are publishers in Japan. I would be happy if a Japanese publisher accepts my submission. I was waiting to move to Japan until I am fluent in Japanese and no, I'm still not fluent. Since publication may be sooner though, I can sort of read Hiragana and some Katakana; perhaps that is okay to just get by until I am fluent.

Of course, I am not just looking in Japan, but in countries I would be comfortable living in. However, Japan is preferable. 


  1. That's a lot to find a publisher who does it all, but it sounds like you have leads already. Traditional was definitely my route!

    1. I just didn't want to deal with too many contracts. Well, I guess the publisher doesn't have to publish all of this, but at least they deal with all of my book genres, but yes, I have found some in Japan that publishes everything. Yes, I do agree that traditional publishing is best.


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