13 September, 2018

Tikaani Moon's Life's Work

It is to no astonishment that my daughter Tikaani Moon Aka "sweet pea," has talent beyond her years. She is a highly-educated, skilled writer, with exploration capabilities that are stunning. After years of learning and educating herself on becoming an author, she has found what most pursue in life. She was not always this way. This brings me to the topic, on how Tikaani Moon mastered the skill of writing/blogging.
Sweet Pea (her nickname) for as long as I remember, had a desire to write. Being her mother, I took it upon myself to enhance her abilities by steering her in the right direction. Her boost of energy for writing increased as I looked on at her progress. Currently, she has written many books, blogs, and other related material. Soon, she wants to have her material become movies. Whenever I read anything she writes, I see an awesome blockbuster film. This is her story, but others can mimic these steps to be successful.

People can gain strength in knowing that if one could find out what they enjoy, they will never work a day in their life. Starting early on what reigns in one's life has the potential to govern positively, then go for it. Everyone has talent, finding it can be problematic. Encouragement and support for future endeavors may have to develop from within. Nonetheless, surrounding yourself with like-minded people will also be beneficial. Over the years, I have noticed even when she wants to quit, she keeps moving forward. This is especially important not only in careers but in life. I challenge everyone who reads this. Search for what makes you happy and pursue it. Why not devote your time to something that has the likelihood to provide a better quality of life?

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