06 February, 2021

Zombie Series

The older I got, the more obsessed I became with zombies. My step-grandma actually introduced zombie movies to me, but it never wanted me to write about zombies. When she introduced them, I ventured out to play zombie video games. I'm not sure how, but I think this is when I grew interested in writing about this. 

My first zombie series of course went through several revisions. I honestly forgot the very first version of this book. I just remember the scenarios, plot and characters changed. The original main character is now the secondary main character. Okay I'll confess too, the current main character was inspired by an old neighbor. My family is still friends with him and we follow each other on social media to keep in touch. 

Anyway, I don't know which character was more interesting to be the POV, but I have a supporting character now the POV. I actually did change the secondary main character from his personality and life. 

Currently, I'm trying to get the outlines together. This consists of four books, and it's the third book to be published. Yes, I have a publish order list. This gives me time to complete the outlines. I wrote the outline three times, but I wasn't satisfied with them. I knew they weren't strong enough. I already wrote highlight scenes, but I need the outline to fit them altogether. I hope the problem isn't because the character roles were switched. I like this version and don't feel like changing it back though. 

I use to have a playlist for each project, but ever since getting rid of Spotify, I now have one playlist for everything. However, many songs from Skold inspire me for my zombie projects. 

I guess this is all I wanted to share...

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