28 October, 2018

Being a Living Doll in October

Being a living doll in October, more specifically around Halloween, can be the most annoying thing ever. I say that because people always assume you are wearing a Halloween costume. I get really annoyed when everyone thinks I'm dressing up for Halloween because I'm not. I always have to explain to people I dress like a doll everyday, and actually it's not a costume, but called Lolita, and it's my everyday attire.

I suppose around this time others would be more accepting of me wearing kawaii clothing because they assume it's a costume. Well, I notice humans do not dress up for Halloween anymore. Children do not even go trick-or-treating. My family stopped passing out candy years ago. So I guess people can still give me strange looks during this time because it is abnormal to them.

Due to this confusion however, I do not wear my kawaii clothing around Halloween. This is especially after one annoying incident where people were wondering why did I wear my Halloween costume everyday before and even after Halloween. They assumed I was being overly excited for Halloween. That time I wore more of a Gothic Lolita style, which gave off this impression even more. Even when you try to explain to people, they still are confused and say annoying things. So, this is the reason I skip wearing my beautiful clothing during this time.

Well I try to tone it down a bit until the holiday season is over because I just want everyone to understand I'm not dressing like a doll only for Halloween. Then people comment on how it's too earlier or it's too late for costumes, and then I have to do the whole explaining everything again. I think this is my least favourite thing about being a Living Doll; That you always have to explain and educate others because they lack understanding of the Living Doll society. Even when you explain to people, they remain confused which is even more annoying.

Although I haven't worn my kawaii clothes in a while, I still wanted to share my experience of the time I was wearing it in October, especially around Halloween. 

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