18 October, 2018

Book 2 Progress

I did share already how I was finished with book one of my Fantasy series. Now I am working on getting my second book finished. This is while I work on researching on the right literary agent and publisher. I am currently trying to see if there would be an agent who would be willing to deal with an international publisher.

I am a person who outlines and likes to do a lot of planning out before actually writing the book. Year ago I had already wrote out the outline to book two and I just finished for the other books. I am just following along with how I wanted the book to go. I feel this is easier for me. I have eliminated the problem of writer's block, unable to keep track of the length of chapters and of the entire book and I believe I cut my work in half. I noticed I can spend less time rewriting the book.

I put book two and the other books on hold so I can finish book one. I realized working on other projects hindered me from finishing the book I wanted to publish first. So I put it on hold until now. When returning to the book, I realized about nine chapters were already written, which cut my work in half even more.

I believe I have written 156 pages so far. I know I still have a long way to go, but I think the way I'm writing helps me write the stories faster. Yes, I have about 300 or so pages to go. The first book is about 500 I believe. So, I hope to be finished soon. I will make another post about my progress and will definitely make another post when I have finished writing the book.

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