31 October, 2018

Community Updates

I have some other news I wanted to share. The original reason to this post was to share how my mother is pursuing a job to become more involved in our Columbia Heights, Minnesota town. She is pursuing a path to become mayor here (before her big politicial career). My mom and as well as myself see lots of flaws in the town we live in that could be fixed and solved if the right person was to come in. Also, if people are willing to acknowledge these problems and to fix them. Not talking about it, but taking action that would make real change.

I am going to get more involved in the community as well. I already am into the community as a Community Nurse, but I suppose for different things. First I'll explain about being a Community Nurse. I go around the neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods and give assistance to seniors and those with mental or physical disabilities.

For one, I am interested in making a profit out of my Living Doll career once I complete my transformation. I was thinking of ways I could start my Living Doll career and one way is by entertaining those in hospitals and nursing homes I suppose. I wanted to do something I don't see other Living Dolls doing after their transformation. I've done it a few times, but I would like to do it full time and not just a couple of times. This would mean just visiting people in hospitals, not exclusively to children, but to all ages and those in nursing homes. This is another way for emotional therapy and support. In this field, they are always looking for these sorts of things.

As far as for the community thing, my mom have known the poverty rate is very bad in the area. Looking over statistics, it shows minority groups suffer more from poverty and limited resources in the town and nearby places. I feel diversity is lacking in this town. I did a review on Columbia Heights and how exclusive it is and there's not anything that promotes globalism. Isolation has proven not productive in today's world and perhaps this town is a good example of how others are affected by isolation. In the supposedly richest country in the world, there should not be these many people in poverty.

When looking at the board in Columbia Heights, there is not a diverse board. The members are predominately White and for years, they've made it difficult for others of different ethnic groups to be included into their community. I feel there should be more tolerance and acceptance in the whole State of Minnesota and the United States. No one has rights to judge other countries when America has a serious problem with diversity, tolerance and inclusion. Also, many talk so much about bridging the gap, but no one is ever making an effort to actually make those gaps bridged.

No one should be favoured, but what all communities need to realize is that everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion or anything else. My family have been going through a ton of problems in our town related to race and this is why my family would like to take action in trying to solve this problem. I've lived in Columbia Heights since the age of 9 and I've never been treated like I am a part of this community.

Yeah, Columbia Heights is a small town, where I believe most work at factories and construction, much like in rural areas. When driving around, you'll see lots of open spaces, factories, small shops, very old buildings, lots of trains and a lot of small houses. It's a town where everyone knows everyone's names pretty much. With that said, the town is close-knit but only to a specific group of people. Unfortunately, my family was always excluded out of this group. So, I hope in doing this, there can be more awareness being made about diversity, the poverty crisis, education and health. 

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