02 October, 2018

Vacuum Facial Review

I first heard of this product on Instagram. At first, I was skeptical about ordering from Instagram, but actually I didn't buy mines from Instagram. Then I came across another video which demonstrated how the tool worked. It claimed this tool could deeply clean your face. It's suppose to suck dirt off. That was when I became curious if it actually works.

So I ordered it online and a few weeks later it arrived. I have heard a negative comment about if you keep the tool in one place for too long, it develops bruises on your face. One person shared how the tool left scars on her face after the wounds healed. I was still curious and tried it for myself.

This is the product that was purchased.

Well, I was not warned about the loud noise it makes. With that said, I did find that the tool actually did work. At first it did feel weird having something pulling your skin, but once you realize it won't pull off your skin, you'll learn it does deeply clean. I learned it's best to wet your face so it could work best. I was curious if this tool does leave marks on your face if you keep it in one spot for a long time. Well it didn't do anything after keeping it on my cheek for a while.

Your face does get red and in some areas, you may notice your skin may show a sensitivity. I noticed on the nose it can be a little sensitive, and you may end up with a Rudolph nose for a few minutes or a few hours I suppose. I didn't time how long it takes for the redness to go away. Yeah, and I do believe this tool has the potential to leave bruises for it actually does leave some bruising after each use. They go away though. I have heard of scarring in other reviews, but so far, it hasn't happened to me.

The tool my family has came with a USB cord, where the device must be charged through the computer. After charging, I guess it's okay to use again.

Well, I do feel this tool is effective when wanting to thoroughly clean your face. You just have to be okay with some bruising and redness it leaves behind. They do disappear hopefully in a few hours. Well, I am still not sure about this tool and I will give an update as soon as I have something else to add to my review.

UPDATE:  I learned this tool can leave wounds on your face. My advice is to only have it on the first or second power, and don't turn it all the way to the maximum power which is five or six. It can bruise up your face pretty bad. 

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