23 October, 2018

Filling in Sub-Scenes

A while back, I returned to book two on my Fantasy series. About a hundred pages was already finished and so I didn't have to worry about the first nine chapters. Well, there's some things I am unsure about with the beginning and so I want to reread it to see what things I didn't like about it.

The outline, as usual, was helpful in planning out the major scenes and stuff. I write the outline and then I write the main stuff first so I won't be stuck staring at a blank page. So I write the chapters in the outline and then the main scene and what's suppose to happen in this scene. I feel this is the best organizing plan. For me though. What works for someone else is not guarantee to work for another. So anyway, I had lots of ideas about the main scenes because I feel most excited about it. I think this is my favourite part of writing a book. This way also, I don't have to wait to write down my ideas and risk me forgetting exactly how I wanted the scene to go.

Recently, I've gotten into an issue of getting less work done. I know how important my writing career is and I stop everything I'm doing, when the time is appropriate and I write at least one paragraph a day. I know if I write day by day, pretty soon, my progress will be seen through the page numbers. They grow steadily, but at least they are growing.

Since I finished writing all of my main scenes in, I'm stuck with the filler scenes. I sometimes can get stuck on writing in the sub-scenes. I know some writers may share their least favourite part of writing. I don't think I have a least favourite part. This isn't my favourite part, but the sub-scenes isn't my least favourite. I love writing altogether and so it doesn't bother me. I just get a little vexed how I can get stuck on these parts. I must make scene A meet with scene B. I ask, how can I compose it together so both scene A and scene B goes together? And how do I get from scene A to scene B?

This is the time I sometimes whip out character profiles. I check on character pastimes and stuff to get some ideas on what to put into these filler scenes. I have 156 pages, but I'm having a little problem making 156 pages turn into maybe 300 or more pages. I realized perhaps I made some main scenes too short and I would have to extend many of these scenes. I just don't want them to be a drag, I just need the stuff I add into the main scenes to fit perfectly and naturally.

I've gotten less done again. Part of the problem is my dumb computer, which happens to be a new computer. I did hear people who live up north like me usually gets poor connections and issues with electronics, but this is ridiculous. I do notice how the weather can affect the performance of the computer and it's when I'm working. I sometimes have to open my outlines through my phone and then write on the computer. I really hate how my family have so many problems with our computers. I have considered buying a new computer, but I know things won't be better because I remember my mom recently purchased a new laptop and it's working horribly for her. I tried not purchasing a Dell computer because their computers only last for 2 years, but it didn't make a difference. The connection is really bad and the computers are worse. After trying, I sometimes give up and do something else.

Anyway, well, this is the update I wanted to share. I will make sure to give more updates on my progress.

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