20 October, 2021

Finding Times to Write

I think it takes special motivation to make time to write. I've read advice that shared how writers must find the time to write. I believe it doesn't really matter the speed, as long as you are making progress. If a project is worked on little bit by day, eventually you'll see your hard work paying off.

Lately, I've been having difficulties finding the appropriate moment to write. While you cannot neglect your other duties, you certainly cannot neglect your work or you'll never get it published. I wake up early, like around 1:00 or 5:00, depends on if my surroundings are quiet, then I will work on my projects. I'm trying to focus solely on book two to the Fantasy series. Now, I am writing the second and third book. The entire series already has outlines to each story. Now I only have to write the actual book.

But it can get hard finding times to write, especially if you have a specific ritual or requirements in order to actually work. If you have these requirements to be able to write, then perhaps not every single day you'll get a chance to have it as you need to. I've been told to just write even if things are not perfect as I need it, but I simply cannot get motivation to continue writing. I need full concentration without any distractions, and I only get that in the middle of the night.

I am a night owl, always have been. So, this isn't a problem for me to stay up all night working on something. I find better inspiration when it's dark, eerie and a little cool. I just wish I could find more times to research and write. I've been trying to work during the day, but I notice myself getting less done because my family is awake. Let's just hope I'm able to get a lot more work done, even if that means staying up all night again...

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