03 October, 2018

IWSG: October

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How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

Nothing could affect me in a way I can stop writing, but this affect can be different forms of how writers are affected by life events. No matter what, I have always been able to continue writing. However...

Through the years, the experts have advised to separate your personal stuff with your writing and I have learned to separate certain things. After finding out about my mother's adoptive background, I notice that I tend to add adopted characters in my recent projects. I feel the adoption was a major life event because I realized everything I thought I knew about my mother and myself was a lie  Not all of them, for I am able to detach myself from my writing in order to come up with completely different things. Like some characters even, I have been taught to not always develop the characters as yourself and I've done this most of the times. However, I do like to take specific things from animals and humans that I have observed, and incorporate this into one of my WIPs.

Living in a haunted house, writing about it has helped me through the strangest experiences. With the things I have witnessed over the years, I felt compelled to write down everything that I have seen, heard and felt. While it didn't make things go away, it certainly helped me decipher what was paranormal. I believe because I have grown up in a haunted house, I find myself writing more into the paranormal genre, about spirits, death, demons and even hell in order to educate others on the knowledge I have gained on these topics. I have been willing to share what I have encountered in my family's haunted house through a book. I feel compelled to share what I have seen, for the things I've encountered are unusual and things that are worth sharing to the world.

I know labeling myself as a living doll, although I haven't yet completed my living doll transformation, I know dolls are suppose to be cute and sweet. I like to think of myself as made up of sugar and spice and everything nice, and I try to fit this. The things that scares the average person, no longer scares me however. Like living in a haunted house would scare someone else, but the thought doesn't alarm me anymore.

Recently, I have been drawn to Slavic names, and this was influenced by the adoptive background. So I've been naming my characters, even some from my first Fantasy book I have finished, I unknowingly gave them Slavic names. So I improvised and made them into Russian characters. I also find myself using elements from the Russian culture, again, unknowingly until I look it up. I find myself recently driven to incorporate things based off my previously unknown ancestral culture, perhaps due to a yearning to get closer to who I really am. I've added more Russian and also other Eastern European characters and settings to my WIPs. I feel by adding this, due to the research a writer is required of doing, perhaps this could be a way to learn about my ancestry.

Since one day I noticed that I was able to speak Russian like a native speaker without learning the language-I know this isn't normal and I'm unsure how it could happen. However, since I can, I have been trying to make use of the language I unknowingly knew how to speak for a few years now. I wonder could ancestry influence this too? Can others speak in languages from their ancestral backgrounds? Anyway, I have been using this to create Fantasy type vocabulary, although it will be based from the Russian language. I perhaps would one day share the story of when I first found out I can speak fluent Russian.

I can say however that writing has helped me through some tough times. I believe my journey for knowledge did affect my writing in a big way as well. My research along with writing went hand to hand in assisting me during my upsetting moments. I am not really affected by major life events, unless it relates to death, but only if someone I have personally known for a while. I tend to think and write more related to death in order to share the things I have learned about death, but most importantly life after death.

On that note, I due feel that my life and perhaps my writing was affected by the death of a friend who died at the age of 16 due to her obesity. That is something that I would never forget. If you are interested in reading her story, visit here.

Realized I wrote a lot, and so I think I should end it there. 


  1. Wow, you have so many things to fuel your writing! Have you taken a look at Jung's theory about the collective unconscious? It might explain a few thing... Happy IWSG day!

    Ronel visiting on Insecure Writer's Support Group day: Course Correction

  2. Thank you, and I guess I do have lots to fuel my writing. I looked up the theory and I feel it perfectly explains everything now.

  3. I've met a few author who were cute and sweet but most of us aren't.
    That must've been wild living in a house that was haunted.

    1. Yes, but I still live in a haunted house. Well, it helped me with so many writing ideas.


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