22 October, 2018

Misunderstanding of being a Living Doll

I have been watching a ton of videos lately that's in relation to the Lolita fashion, Harajuku and Living Doll lifestyle. I discovered new Living Dolls from around the world and also those who are not Living Dolls, but they wear Japanese fashion. It greatly inspired me to get going on my own transformation. It inspired me to continue and to do something I love doing.

I ran across one particular video on the Harajuku fashion in Japan, where I found the Japanese model Haruka Kurebayashi and her story of wearing kawaii fashion. I am a huge fan of Haruka and I have to say I am one of her followers on Instagram and other social media. I have also became a huge fan of Misako Aoki, another Japanese model for Lolita fashion. Misako is also a nurse just like me!

One conversation in the video was how many people assume people who wear Lolita or kawaii fashion is because they're hiding behind something or they're trying to conceal something from the world. I know many "experts" in the United States have tried analyzing these people, mostly Living Dolls. Their assumption is that because we're not happy with ourselves or something like that, we wear these clothes and change ourselves to become a real life doll because we want to be someone else. Americans have a misconception about Living Dolls in particular and this post was to address this.

I have heard of some Living Dolls who state they don't like themselves and so they do the Living Doll thing to make them feel better about themselves. This isn't bad at all. I feel people deserves a right to do whatever would make them happier in their life regardless of what others think.

As an aspiring Living Doll, personally in my opinion and what Haruka stated too, this is not a part of some facade. It's not about hiding behind something and it's not about being someone different. That isn't my goal here and that's not the goal of most who wear Lolita or those who are Living Dolls. This is not being out of touch with reality or wanting to be in a fantasy world. Some may state this, but in reality, it's not about that. The truth is, this is the real world, and in reality, we live in a world where people should be free to choose their own lifestyle, choose their own fashion and choose what they want to do with their body and money. The world teaches us we're able to be anything and we choose to become a real life doll.

It's not about putting on a mask to hide behind. I sometimes get annoyed by people who tell people like me they want to see the real me. It's not about being a different person. Being a Living Doll is all about reaching your full potential in beauty and it's to show how beautiful you can become. While the world says, "Let me see the real you." I say, this is the real me. I'm not trying to be someone else. They don't understand that this is the real me and this is who I am, I'm just showing you what's inside. If you examine these clothes, the makeup and hair, it tells you someone who wants to have fun with fashion. It's about the celebration and appreciation for different cultures and fun fashion.

A Living Doll is also about getting in touch with feminism. Before I wanted to become a Living Doll, I was out of touch with my feminism and was considered a tomboyish person. Now, I appreciate some femininity. This is also about doing something you love doing and doing something that makes you happy. It challenges us to think outside the box, to think creatively, original and to think different. Society feels threatened by us because again, it challenges the perceptions of what is acceptable and what is deemed "normal". I know my style is not mainstream and it's not popular, and this is why people outcast people like me often and they feel threatened. Just because it's not mainstream, that doesn't mean you can't follow it.

Being a Living Doll is about going against the flow and breaking away from the crowd to go your own way, to create your own style. That's because Lolita, Decora, Fairy Kei or any other fashion allows you to build your own theme and style. It's to stand out, in which I prefer to stand out than to blend in. I don't want to wear clothing and makeup only to chase after temporary trends and to be accepted by society. It challenges society to be an individual, to explore paths that haven't been discovered by the majority. To have fun with life and to have fun with fashion. I suppose also, it's about bringing a part of fantasy, folklore and fairy-tales into the real world.

Wearing these clothes is mainly about self-expression. It's the same way writers feel about writing, artists feel about painting or drawing and anything else. This is a form of art. It's to express yourself through fashion, makeup, accessories, hair and your lifestyle. This is a beautiful art to sculpt your face and body to become a real life porcelain doll or a character. Others perception of beauty is obviously different. There is no right and wrong way to appreciate fashion and to express yourself. Expression comes in all forms and this is also my way of expressing myself and to make myself feel more comfortable in my own skin. Society should stop ridiculing and criticizing us, but instead, they should take the time out to understand. Also, the media and "experts" should stop analyzing us and painting us to be delusional and dumb. Why is it dumb to express yourself and to do what makes you feel happy?

One last thing, I wanted to address the negative comments made by family, especially parents to those who wears Lolita or who are Living Dolls. I've ran across many parents in America who ridicule their children, but should parents and family support their life decisions? Yes they should. Your children are only borrowed to you and they should be treated as individuals and as people, not as something you have to control all the time. If more parents supported their children's dreams, more would be astounded by their achievements. I am very grateful for my mother who did introduce me to the Living Doll world back in 2014. I'm also grateful she continues to support my decision in being a real life doll. She understands this is something that would make me most happy in my life. This is something that I would consider to be the thing that I want the most. It's to not just be beautiful, but to be porcelain doll beautiful. I think it's beautiful to resemble a doll or Anime character.    

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