13 October, 2018

Very Bad Piece of Advice for Writers

I just read an article from The Medium, Why You Should not Write a Book, I wanted to post my take on this since I have been seeing countless articles similar to this one advising against people to publish their books and to start their career as a writer. I feel this is a bad piece of advice and here is the reason why I believe so. The article is basically saying the reasons why you shouldn't want to become a writer, but I am not commenting solely upon this article, but the articles I've ran across that have advised people not to become writers and not to publish their work.

The writers that are listed in the article as the writers who got lucky becoming famous and known globally, well, we all know that writers, but not only writers, but artists, inventors, creators or anyone else has been plagued with self-doubt. Also too we have had several people either online and/or offline to advise us not to follow our dreams and not to become a writer or anything else. If these famous writers listened to those people, think about the entertainment the world would be deprived of knowing. If everyone thought like this, believing that they're work is bad, in which everyone does doubt their work every once in a while, no books would be available to read, no movies could be watched, there wouldn't be cars for us to drive, the inventions that we know wouldn't have been invented and those famous paintings wouldn't be in the museums for generations to view, plus our favourite video games wouldn't exist.

Also this article is against writers who say they're writing for themselves, and not for the world. I know I am one of those who have said this, and in fact, that is my reason to write. I feel many of these "experts" misunderstand why people may state this. They are saying that they don't need fame, they don't need fortune, and they don't need the acceptance of others in order to fuel their passion for writing, for writing itself is their reward. They do not need much in return, for they wouldn't be overly obsessed in pleasing others because not everyone is going to like the work you do, and it's wrong of these experts to say it is incorrect to write solely because you like writing, and that you would like to have a writer's life and to have a career as a writer. What purpose would there be to become a writer if you don't want to be an actual writer, you don't want the life of a writer, and you're not doing this because you like writing but only so people can accept you? This is a person who have lost their own views and goals, but they are a slave to following the forever changing trends and being accepted by everyone, in which as a writer, you are never going to please everyone. There are lots who love your writing, but there is also that small group of people who dislike your work and who perhaps dislike you. No matter what you do, you probably would never be able to please these people.

The more and more I began to read advice from these self-proclaimed experts, I noticed that's when I became discouraged from pursuing a career to become a writer. I developed self-doubt to the point I seriously considered giving up my writing, which is the only thing I love doing. These articles are not helping people, but they're the cause of self doubt and the fear of rejection. They are the cause of those who give up their dreams altogether. I did take courses on writing and stuff, but I strayed away from reading anymore articles like these, especially the series of recent articles that are telling people they shouldn't be a writer just because they want to be a writer and they want to publish books.

I have never heard of a writer who wanted to be a published writer solely to be famous and to be rich. Who cares about those things? No one is actually obsessing over being rich and famous from their writing. I feel these experts misunderstand the mind of a real writer completely. I am aware that some people can say they wish to be a writer, and yet they don't wish to do the work that comes with being a writer. They aren't willing to do the research, but most importantly, they don't have the will to sit down and write a book length story.

I know I have had many people telling me that there's no way I can become a writer and before they even know who I am, and know of my work ethics, they're telling me I am not writer material. This was because of my age. Tell me, who is writer material? If I listen to people who evaluate those assuming their work is bad, and their idea is stupid, then who knows what potential that person had, but only because they listened to discouragement, they will never know what they could have became. I have sacrificed things for my writing and dedicated most of my life on research and crafting the best book I could write. I spent all hours of the night writing and working on my WIPs non-stop. If you say that's not writer material, then I'm not sure what is, if someone is dedicating themselves to their work.

Most of these things we know and love wouldn't have existed if they listened to that, giving up their hard work only because they're assuming their work isn't good and that it's a bad idea. I feel these self-proclaimed experts are killing more dreams than they are helping people achieve them. After reading that particular article, to me, if I was to read it from beginning to end, and then that strange conclusion, who would wish to still pursue a writing career after reading that? I know if I was in my earlier stages of writing, I probably would have thought I should give up because I myself even thought my ideas were dumb and not worthy to be published. Well, that's the reason why it took me 14 years to craft my Fantasy book because I was listening to their advice for years until I broke away from them. It is okay to get information from them, but certain things especially discouraging people to become writers I feel is invalid information and it's not useful nor is it helpful.  

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