08 October, 2018

What is a Living Doll

I already gave the definition of a Living Doll on my Living Doll page on the blog, but some people still don't understand. This is a post giving full details and the full definition to what is a Living Doll for those who ask me online outside of the blog or anywhere else. It is due to most people do not know what a Living Doll is and because those who think they know what a Living Doll is, they have a misunderstanding.

So again, a Living Doll is a person who wishes to have real life features of a doll. I guess others can say we've became so obsessed with how dolls look, we dedicate most of our adult lives wanting to become one, wanting to look like one. It stems from a person's interest in dolls and their appreciation of how beautiful dolls look. You may also call us Real Life Dolls or a Human Doll. This is basically meaning the same thing.

I know you probably have ran across stories where people, both men and women have used plastic surgery, body modification to transform themselves into a real life Barbie, or a real life doll, a cartoon or any character. Mostly the dolly look is achieved through plastic surgery AND makeup. Others can also just use makeup to make themselves look more doll-like. Usually Living Dolls must follow the makeup trends from Japan, South Korea or China to get our desired look.

It can be pretty hard to tell who actually started this trend, because I have heard about the trend of many young women from East Asia getting plastic surgery to resemble dolls. A lot of them are commonly from Japan, South Korea and China. People just viewed it as part of the Asian culture, for they do have a sub-culture for obsessing over everything cute and dolly. However, I think it didn't get a global enticement until young women from Ukraine and Russia began going to extremes to look like real life dolls. When a bunch of Russians and Ukrainians began doing this, the world was astounded by their amazing transformations and how they were able to achieve their goals in looking exactly like real life dolls. I think it didn't reach a global thing with East Asia because most of the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and other East Asian women already look like dolls. Really they don't need plastic surgery to resemble dolls. However, people from all over the world wanted in on this trend.

Yes, being a Living Doll can be considered a trend. I've read a question on the age of Living Dolls, and actually those who are extreme living dolls are usually in their mid or late twenties. Most though don't start their Living Doll career until at the age of thirty as well. This is due to the cost of the plastic surgery and the clothing. The Living Doll trend mostly intrigues millennials (18-29). People may then wonder why are millennials so obsessed with looking like dolls?

I know many people wonder if we wear our dolly clothing everyday, and the answer is yes. Living Dolls wear clothing similar to what you'll see an actual doll wearing. This is often times going into the Japanese fashion because their clothing from the sub-culture looks more doll like. It's not a part of some fetish or act, and NO it is not a costume. I know people might think it's just a costume, but to a Living Doll, this is our normal, everyday style that we wear every single day and every time we leave out the door. It is a part of who we are and it's a part of a lifestyle of becoming a real life doll.

The most common misunderstanding is that people often assume being a real life doll is a part of some weird fetish. It's no way related to a fetish or anything related to that. Being a Living Doll is simply someone who only wishes to resemble a doll, nothing more. Again, it is completely innocent. Yes again, the real life doll thing is going more into Fantasy, Fairytale lifestyle like roleplaying. However, it's someone who you could say is obsessed in how dolls look and so they want to look like one. All they want to achieve is to have real life features of a doll, Anime character, figurine or any other character.

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if dolls could come to life? What would they look like if they were made real? This is our goal. I guess others can say it's a part of some like those shows, "My Strange Addiction" and how people could look at the world differently. Of course, people can be creeped out by it because of the phobia of dolls, clowns, puppets and toys. Horror films have fed on people's fear of dolls coming to life and this is part of the reason people are afraid of those who call themselves real life dolls.

Of course, there is lots of criticism that comes with being a Living Doll. You get criticized by the media, by feminists, celebrities and everyone else. When you are outside, people give you strange looks because you are wearing cute, dolly styled clothing and you stand out. People will question why you dress that way and you'll hear bad comments. The media and bloggers try to influence people into believing Living Dolls are creepy, vain, stupid and other comments, and we're suppose to be a bad influence on women.

I recently got a series of criticism because I am still pursuing my Living Doll career, and that's why I disabled comments for my blog again. I feel people do have a right to do whatever they wish to do. This is not your life, this is not your money and it's not your body, so why should you care what I do?

For me, I decided to pursue my dream in becoming a real life doll because I have always been fascinated in how dolls looked. I loved how they looked so beautiful, so graceful and so flawless. Resembling a doll is beautiful to me. I'm not doing this for others, I am doing this because it makes me feel happy. I think the Lolita dresses and the dolly clothes are beautiful, and they're underrated. As for historical dresses, I can't see why people can't wear them again. They were beautiful dresses and they are still beautiful. More people should learn to appreciate Lolita, dolly dresses and historical dresses. I choose the style I love, and I choose to do what makes me happy regardless of what others think.     

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