30 November, 2018

Death of A Fellow Writer

I just recently found out the author of "A Naughty Thing Called Life" passed away in 2016. My family found this out when we realized that we didn't hear any recent news from him. He went by the name of Papa Spyk I believe and was a native of the U.K. and had some work experiences in Hollywood as a stuntman. I remember him being a long time Facebook friend of mine and then he became friends with my mom and our family. This is why we were the most upset when hearing of this news.

The book A Naught Thing Called Life, was a Narrative Nonfiction, an autobiography of his life pretty much. It shared his story of how he made poor decisions. The book shared how he made these decisions with drugs and alcohol. I remember years ago when he shared his story through blogging, but he later turned his story into a book. I know everyone have made mistakes and perhaps made really bad poor decisions which leads them down undesired roads. This story tells everyone that. It was a story of how he turned himself around. Then he wanted to be an inspiration to others, perhaps in telling others to not make the same mistakes he made in his life. The truth is, we are all flawed, whatever mistakes or issues we have, we deal with struggles that come in all forms.

He shared his story, hoping it would inspire others. I have ran across those who have been touched and inspired by his story. Through observing, I could tell he genuinely loved his daughter. I believe she was the motivation he had to change his life around so that he could be there for his daughter. This very story, especially the ending, it reminds us of how short life is and how living beings just come and go out of this world. This is especially when I work all day with hospice patients as well. My daily work is a constant reminder of death.

This story brings a little reflection as well. When knowing this writer met his end in 2016, I can reflect upon the time I interacted with him. All he wanted was to be an inspiration to everyone, to perhaps show everyone people make mistakes and again, to teach people about family and doing what really matters in life. I know after a while, people can realize what they've chased after all of these years was a waste of their time, and perhaps they can realize how frivolous things can soak up your days on Earth. Live life to the fullest, but still live wisely and to make sure you can look back on time without having any regrets at all. This is what I believe he was trying to convey through his story to everyone who heard of his story.

I just thought about this today and I had to post. 

27 November, 2018

Writing Anonymously

I read an answer from a Quora question which said it's possible for writers to write under a pen name and to protect their identity of going anonymous. Like what I was doing at first, planning on writing in a way to protect my anonymity.

I didn't want people to know I was a writer for some reason, and so I created the pen name Tikaani Moon and the image of the wolf as my brand. Everyone at my job and also others still don't know I'm Tikaani Moon. This does include some neighbors, but only a few neighbors know. I use to not tell people I write because as a writer, I didn't want the attention that comes when you become established. I just simply did this because I love writing, not for attention. Plus, I love privacy and peace.

The brand I created fits my works as well. Humans have asked why I don't get endorsements from all of those professionals I know, and the answer is because they don't know who I am online. I don't like putting my real name on the internet.

Writing anonymously has became harder with the internet involved. People have ways of finding out who you are with modern technology because your identity is not protected online. Often times you may run into the same problems I had when I was completely anonymous. You get people who wants to report you and plus, these sites to give you an online presence forces you to share your personal information online. Even when telling them valid reasons why you prefer to stay anonymous, people don't respect your wishes. I mean, you could skip online, but I read modern authors actually need an online presence unless you are already established and well known.

A good example of this would be Facebook again. Someone reported me claiming my account was fake only because I didn't have my information online. I felt it was appropriate to not have my personal info on social sites, but after the incident with Facebook, I noticed I've been reported and claimed to be a bot or spam, and all of my accounts were spam. So I attempted to flesh out my Tikaani Moon character, even though I wished to remain anonymous.

So I feel this is a major issue when trying to write anonymously. However due to privacy reasons, I do feel it can be a valid reason why someone would wish to publish anonymously. Writers may wish to avoid all the attention that comes with writing and especially if you are a private person and wish to not have personal information on the internet.

From the years I researched about writing anonymously, I learned from articles that it can be good to write this way for race, gender or for other specific reasons listed in most websites to help learn about anonymous writing. I learned to no matter what give out your real name or anything about you, nothing that you don't want others to know about you. Well the more established an individual gets, the more people feel entitled to know more about them.

I remember though being given a suggestion how some readers may have more interest in a writer's work than the writer itself. That isn't always the case. I read lots of classic reads, and so for history reasons, wait, I don't think I do bother to learn everything there is to know about the writer, even classic writers. However, I feel being anonymous was far easier back in those days than it is now. It seems almost impossible to keep your identity safe from online. You know, I did it for a few years, but then the incident ruined my brand. 

25 November, 2018

Console Project

Years ago, I developed a concept for a new gaming console due to the ideas I had for gaming. I developed it, but then I got intimidated by the companies who dominate the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony Playstation and Nintendo. This discouraged me from taking my concept to the next level and I ditched it. I was thinking perhaps it was a silly idea and there's no way I could compete with them.

Years later, now, I noticed a lot of things I disliked about Xbox One and the PS4. I thought I could give them suggestions to improve their console, but then I thought why give them these ideas? They'll be profiting and receiving the credit for my ideas. So therefore, I thought about the console concept I was working on and I decided to develop the console. The things I didn't like about the existing consoles, I wanted to incorporate it into my own console to make a better gaming experience.

I know people have commented on how ambitious I sound, and ambitious, these people weren't saying it in a good way. However, they spoke with criticism. I have heard of many consoles being developed but they were fails. However, I think I should give it a shot because I think my concepts and ideas are what the gaming industry needs.

Of course, I prefer to take my console to East Asia to be developed there. I don't try to down other countries, but I feel when it comes to technology, East Asia does surpass others. Most of the consoles are developed there anyway and I feel my ideas and concept would better suit the East Asian technology. I am already creating games, so I minus well develop this idea as well.

22 November, 2018

A Problem Most Don't Tell You About Long Haired Dogs

I know there have been numerous warning videos, articles and blog posts saying like, before you decide to own a specific breed or type of dog you should view this first. I think there are excellent ways to inform new dog owners or either experienced dog owners who may want to branch out to other dog breeds. However, there is one problem about buying specific dogs that I feel most do not warn dog owners about.

The major problem is when it comes to dog grooming. Now I know there are several pieces out there already that tells people about how much grooming a dog needs, but I wish I was more aware of the problems when it comes to grooming your dog. You know specific dogs require more maintenance and grooming than others. When you get a long haired dog or a dog that they're fur gets matted easily, there is a possibility you may have trouble grooming these dogs. What I'm saying is from personal experience and also watching other dog owners struggle to groom difficult dogs. Yes, I am talking about dogs who needs extra grooming, but they become aggressive or difficult when they're owner attempts to trim their fur or do any other grooming they require.

You may have these problems with short haired dogs, for all dogs have this potential of picking up this habit of not allowing their owners to groom them. I've heard plenty of lectures from vets and groomers, but sometimes it is not the fault of the dog owner as to why their dog is matted. I've personally seen owners who struggle or even gotten hurt by trying to groom their dog. As a result, they must depend upon groomers to groom their dogs. Dealing with difficult dogs, most groomers refuse to groom dogs that bite or shows any sort of aggression when being groomed.

Often times too, most of these dogs cannot be groomed unless they are sedated. Dog owners have even took their dog to the vet in order to be groomed. The vet sedates the dog and then the dog would be able to be groomed.

I'm not saying groomers are bad people or inexperienced, but with all of the reports of dogs dying due to dogs being groomed by "professional" groomers, I'm leery about trusting a groomer to groom my family's new dog. Actually, it also stems from a very bad experience with dog groomers that also caused a distrust. I feel it's worth sharing because this has became a serious problem.

Our previous dog was a dog unfortunately that gave my family trouble when we attempted to groom him ourselves. He would become aggressive and bite. He was a Yorkie. This means that if these type of dogs are not groomed or does not get regular hair trimmings, their fur gets badly matted. As a result, they have a very bad hoboish, alley dog appearance. Plus, the mats give the dogs trouble when they pull on their skin. So my family were sort of forced to come to groomers to have our dog groomed and so he can look neat.

The problem was that, the groomers were very careless with our dog. He could get badly cut by the clippers and the scissors, they would use shampoos our dog was allergic too and they were very mean to him. That was very sad and unfortunate because he loved people and he easily trusted anyone. The groomers had serious attitudes and had very poor customer service. One time, our dog was even dropped on the floor, injuring his mouth. They were very nonchalant that they dropped him and said, "He's okay." With a very nasty attitude. Who knows, it could have been on purpose because the groomers did not like my family for some reason. So we took our dog elsewhere, but all of the groomers provided the same very bad service.

With our new dog, I don't trust anyone and I keep him close to me after what happened to my family's previous dog. Actually, our previous dog died due to the clinic he went to. So I am even more protective with the new dog. I don't let people rub our dog anymore due to the previous dog being so friendly, but people treated him so unfairly. I feel no one deserved our previous dog's kindness.

So anyway, this is the reason why I'm leery about the groomers, but I do know how difficult it can be when grooming dogs at home. I know experts have said to always expose your dog to grooming to reduce this problem. However, even when you expose them early on to these things, the dog can still end up being a difficult dog. Like even those everyday when the dog is a puppy, you tried getting them use to you touching their food bowl, treats or other things to prevent any aggression. Still, some dogs have developed these aggressive behaviours. The same problem can happen when you try exposing them to grooming as a puppy. When they grow up, they-but perhaps their needs to be more of a frequency with this sort of training to better prevent aggressiveness. 

19 November, 2018

What's Affecting My Writing Right Now...

I know I said nothing affects my ability to write. Lately, I've noticed how that changed, sort of. A few years ago, I injured my right hand, which is my dominant hand. Ever since that day I injured it, I've had serious problems using my hand and also dealing with the severe pain. Okay well, everyone knows I can take a lot of pain, that I have an extremely high tolerance for it. So when complaining about my hand, people know it's serious. I don't complain much about it, although that doesn't make the pain and discomfort go away.

It use to be localized only to the pinkie finger, but now I have difficulties with my entire right hand. The problem is it's making it hard for me to write. Everyday, the pain gets worse and there is severe pain when I write. No, that hasn't stopped me from writing though. I continue through the pain, but I end up cutting it short sooner than I want. Short, meaning perhaps after a few hours of ignoring the pain. Then I stop when I can't stand anymore.

Most think I broken my right hand, which this wouldn't be the first time I injured my dominant hand. Actually, I think it was injured four times, the fourth time taking a toll on it. Now I find it difficult opening things and using my hand for basic things. I know this isn't good due to the job I have. As a PCA, it gets hard doing certain things. For instance, I notice I can't open medicine bottles and certain other things for patients. I feel myself losing strength in my right hand as well, which is not good, again for my job.

I've been told doctors believe the bone in my hand may have fused with a nerve, which causes my endless pain. The bad part about that, there was talk of how perhaps the bone needs to be rebroken and fixed so it can heal properly. Many think the bone didn't heal as it should have. I know that probably would make things worse and I definitely couldn't use my hand at all, since I already can hardly use it now. That would affect my ability to write.

Two injuries were actually dog bites, which one dog bite permanently damaged my right thumb. I need my thumb-well, I need all of my fingers and definitely both hands to write. It makes things harder, but I now have to pace myself and make sure to take more breaks.  

17 November, 2018

Why People Should Learn About the American Civil War

I wanted to discuss the issue with studying the American Civil War due to recent tensions in the United States. The media and everyone else discourages people from learning about the Civil War. I know I am few a part of my ethnic group in America who considers themselves a Civil War Researcher. Due to the recent racial tensions that intensified in the country, most Americans feel it's spreading ignorance for learning about the Civil War or even acknowledging it happened. In America, most people don't realize how much censorship happens, but the American Civil War, among other historical events is something Americans censor and consider it forbidden to mention it at all.

I have also been watching the news of how historical monuments were taken down. Since that is a sensitive subject, I won't get into that debate. However, I do believe it is important for us not to forget history or to try to forget. Censoring history won't erase what happened. Nothing you say or do is going to change history, for it did happen and everyone has a right to understand their country's past.

I know slavery, racism and war are ugly subjects to get into, however, in order for history to never be repeated, we must first learn it so we can never repeat it. History, especially Civil War history is there for not just Americans, but for everyone around the world to see the consequences when countries divide and turn against itself. The American Civil War reminds us of how ironic America is called United States, but never have Americans been united. Even today, the history is being repeated from the past of the American Civil War how Americans were divided and couldn't agree with anything. It resulted in war. Also, most people don't know that the American Civil War actually changed Brazil's demographics as it is today. Many Americans fled America during the 1860's to escape war, most of them fled to Brazil for safety. Many of them settled there in Brazil, never returning to America again. They crossed with the natives of Brazil, thus, creating a European population or a European mix race in this country. The result of so many Americans flooding Brazil, it brought a large percentage of European population there.

Let us not repeat history, but for us to not repeat history, we must educate ourselves on what happened. Nothing should be censored out. You can't censor out things from history you don't like. You should take it as it is, and accept that is history. When learning of the past, it can make you understand which direction we should never go again. Mainly, we don't want America divided so much that it brings about a second American Civil War, resulting in Americans fleeing the country again. Now with so much rhetoric about people seeking asylum here, I am unsure if other countries would have compassion for Americans today if we were to seek asylum, especially in South America.

I also tend to believe it's nice to be educated about the country you are living in. I find it interesting how so many Americans don't know anything about their own country. I feel it is nice to know how a country you live in was founded and who were the people who helped shape the country as it is today. Whether or not Americans accept this, the American Civil War was such a major event in history, that it did affect the present, and America is forever stained with these scars, including slavery.

Many may argue too that I can easily say this since none of my ancestors were slaves. Many Americans make this argument, but if you look closer at history again, most don't know Africans were not the only group kept as slaves. Many people from different countries were brought to the United States for free labour just as the Africans were brought on ships to America. Many of them were From China, Mexico and so many other countries, but mainly non-European countries.

I found documents which proves many were also Jews, Roma and even Turks who were brought to America to be slaves. It also shows people from these countries who assumed they were coming to America for a better life and to have the opportunities that were here, they were sadly mistaken. If you look more into like family ancestry from these populations as I have done, you can find documents showing this. I'm not sure why this isn't mentioned in the United States though.

Today, Americans don't value history anymore. While other countries are trying to preserve their history and historical treasures, America is tearing ours down. It matters not anyway. Even if these things are destroyed, the past can never be erased. 

14 November, 2018

Upcoming Stan Lee Fan Art

I was just planning fan art made for Stan Lee because I have always been a huge fan of his work. Now unfortunately, it will become a tribute to him. I will make sure to post the artwork once it is finished.

On this subject, I have to share how again, I've been his biggest fan and I've been greatly inspired by Stan Lee. I ran across a tweet that someone shared on how he never gave up his creation of Spiderman until it was published. People were giving criticism on how people dislike spiders and how unlikely people would like what he created. How wrong were they.

Stan Lee's life work inspired me. He inspired me as a writer to not limit creativity. Don't quit, no matter what others think and don't be afraid of your different ideas. I believe Stan Lee is who shaped the comic book and also superhero world as it is today. It's incredible how he created something that brought everyone together from all walks of life. I've seen how he impacted so many people from around the world. He inspires me to create something that brings the world together, and he definitely has. I saw those in Japan and Russia and other countries also giving their condolences and expressing sadness over his death.

Stan Lee inspires to leave behind a legacy and to leave your mark. His work inspires to think outside the box and to be original in your work. Well, definitely me. I was very sad, my whole family was because we had grown to love Stan Lee very much. I was very excited when he made those cameo appearances in his movies and even in the Lego games.

I have already shared the people who inspired me in my life and Stan Lee is one of the few who has. No many people inspire me and touch my heart, but he has. I learned so much by watching him throughout the years and he inspired me to continue my work as a writer.

The world needs original and new things and Stan Lee showed the world this. He inspired to not give up even when faced with those rejections by publishers who doesn't believe in your work.

Another thing however, I was saddened when following the latest news on Stan Lee being a victim of Elder Abuse and the issue with his own daughter. I was disgusted by that, but yes, Elder Abuse is a serious problem in the United States. As I have said before, there needs to be more awareness being made about how seniors are being treated. Working with seniors for a living, I know this all too well.

I'm still quite upset over the news and it'll take me a while to get over it. I'm not sure if I would, but I'll try.

So the fan art, now tributes to Stan Lee are still being planned out and I will post them here once they're ready...

13 November, 2018

Kawaii Babe Updated Review

I didn't realize I gave Kawaii Babe a good review, but after my recent incident with this company, I would like to retract my good review. First, Kawaii Babe is an online based store that sells Japanese styled kawaii clothes, accessories, wigs, plush toys and more. It is a company based in California.

This store I found on Instagram, but since the recent scamming store Rose Wholesale I believe? Well, I became skeptical on ordering from stores I never heard of before due to the rise of scams. If there is a new store that I'm unfamiliar with, I usually don't order, but I sometimes too do a Google search of the store. I look at the reviews and see if the store is legit or not. If it's legit, I decide to order. However, this particular store caused me to go back to not ordering from stores I've never heard of before. Also, I'm done with shopping on Instagram.

The incident started when I received a threatening email from Kawaii Babe, stating the police will be called, falsely accusing me of fraud. She was saying how I stole items, and she did admit I was a returning customer. I feel being that I was, it was inappropriate of her to have treated me this way. She kept sending harassing emails, in which I believe she didn't realize I had rights to call the police on her because she kept harassing me, which I believe she didn't realize it was harassment. She was saying she was going to notify my local police about my fraudulent activity. I'm not sure why she claimed this since my recent order did go through, she received payment from the items and I did receive the items as usual.

She got mad that my bank was doing an investigation during the time to see which purchases I made and which ones I didn't. I found out someone was using my card to make purchases. She sounded almost defensive, but still rude nonetheless.

You know, I don't regularly check my emails, but when connecting my email with my phone, I was able to see I got an email from Kawaii Babe. She was claiming when she mentioned the police, that's when I responded to her. However, who checks their emails like that everyday? She claimed I purposely ignored her until she mentioned the police. That's when I had to make her realize I didn't care about her threatening me with the police. I even invited her to call the police if she felt she had to. She knew I wasn't afraid of the mention of the police. I feel it wasn't fair for her to think to scare me with the police involvement.

She kept saying how I didn't understand anything like I'm some dumb foreigner. She also told me, a repeat customer who never had any incidents, that she doesn't want me to order again from her store, again accusing me of fraud. When I went on the site to check something, I realized she locked me out of my account and it restricted me from even adding anything else in the cart and ordering, which I WAS NOT going to order anyway. I was just curious if I was locked out of the site and I was. She flagged my account as fraud, which was not true at all. I paid for all of the items I ordered without incident. She should have acknowledged I did spend hundreds, probably more at her store, but she treated me like I wasn't valued as a paying customer at all. My money was not valued and that's why I would never do business, order from Kawaii Babe ever again.

I'm not sure if it was race related or not or what it was. I am unsure why she targeted and harassed me. She kept sending harassing and threatening emails back to back, nonstop. I did inform the bank I did make the purchases, as I was going to do. She didn't have to bully me into doing something I was going to do at first. Since there was a flag about someone using my card, the bank had to review all of the purchase history with my card. She didn't listen to anything I said to her, when I tried explaining to her the situation. She didn't care though, and continued to harass me. I can tell this was something personal against me, but I'm not sure why she attacked a repeat paying customer. That's dumb on her part to drive away business and I can tell she wasn't business savvy and she didn't know how to conduct business properly. You don't have to be trained in customer service however to know how to talk to people.

I will take my business elsewhere if I'm not valued as a customer. I wish to make a point that she's not the only store that sells kawaii clothes and goods. I have my pick of the litter on a variety of stores that sells the same thing she sells. I feel I shouldn't have to subject myself to abuse and harassment by someone who is clearly ignorant. I have found plenty of stores that value my time and money I spend there. With so much competition out there in the e-commerce world, Kawaii Babe can't afford to lose business.

She was notified that the bank was told I did make those purchases and she was also told to sever ties with me. She never replied to that email, and ever since, she never tried to reconcile things or win me back as a customer. However, even if she did, I would not order anything from her store again. I even have emails that contains her statements on how she never wanted me to order anything from her store again. If she ever returns, I have her emails as proof of what she said and how she conducted herself. There's a way she could have handled that, and she chose to handle it ignorantly. From that email, it reveals she doesn't care anything at all about her customers, especially repeat customers and customers who spent hundreds, possibly thousands at her store.

Due to the harassment and ignorant customer service I received, I do not recommend anyone to shop at Kawaii Babe. 

11 November, 2018

My First Book Series

I wanted to post more about the first book I want to publish before publishing the other projects I have. I do have a list of publishing orders, which gives me a guide on what book I want to publish in order.

I was thinking of the uphill battle I had with writing my first book. I had always been serious about writing. Well, perhaps that isn't true. I knew years ago maybe when I was 10? Maybe. Anyway, I knew I did love writing and I loved creating. People would often suggest being a writer. When they did, in my mind, I would say no. I wasn't for sure if I wanted to be a writer. Actually, I wanted to enlist in the Air Force. This is something I felt serious about doing and when I turned 18, I was about to enlist. That was until I received concerns and pleads not to leave to enlist. I knew that I had a deep interest in the military, but I decided to not put my family through worrying about me. I'm not sure if I like the decision I made, but in a way I am. I honestly dislike how veterans are treated after serving their country in America. When learning of how terribly they're treated, I was glad I didn't enlist, but I dedicated my time to helping veterans who needs help and who are discarded by their own country.

So I was encouraged to pursue my writing passion. I did and I still do. I think there's a sentimental moment for me because of my struggles and my sacrifices in order to improve my writing. I did love storytelling which is why I blog so much, mainly because of my love for writing and telling stories. This book was really one of the first books I created during the early stages of my writing as a child. I never discarded them but I knew I could use them, but just upgrade them and change what needed to be changed. My Fantasy book was something I worked on for years, due to my age, some people may even say most of my life. Despite of my age, I have always been serious and disciplined when it came to my career and education.

This is huge for me because of the time I spent making my book better. I had lots of ideas for this Fantasy book, and so it grew into a six book series.

There came a few times where I didn't know if I should continue pursuing my dream in being a writer. I wasn't sure if I had what it took to become an established writer. I didn't know if my work was good. Then I realized that was caused by "experts" who tried discouraging me. I was reminded that I'm not doing this for anything special. I write because I love writing. I write about the things I write about because I am passionate about it, regardless of what others may feel about it.

My mother has been my greatest source of encouragement for she encouraged me to continue when I wanted to quit. So whatever happens during my writing career, I have my mother to thank. This is sort of like the book that almost never became published. 

09 November, 2018

Blog Upgrade

So I'm continuing my pursuit for a professional looking blog. I started the upgrade for my author blog, I am not done finishing some stuff. I'm not sure if I would like to keep Aspiring because I know I won't always be an aspiring writer. Maybe just plain Author Tikaani Moon. However, I did want to make it clear that I was an aspiring writer and I'm unpublished at the moment so people wouldn't have to keep asking where are my books.

I have heard of some writers using their blogs as a website and I'm one of those writers.

Anyway, I have been trying to edit the html on this blog, but I discovered my Google account still has restrictions. So I'm not really able to do any sort of coding because Google feels I'm not trustworthy. Unfortunately, this led me depended upon others to design the blog and other stuff. This is why the fixes are going slow. I've been contacting Google to appeal my account and get the flag off of it. This flag has lasted for years due to Facebook alerting Google after flagging me on their site. They keep asking me to refill out forms to appeal my account, but how many do I have to fill out?!

I have been planning the upgrade of my other blogs, Tikaani Moon's Mixed Race and Adoption Series and Proud Land Journal. I forgot the name of my own blog. So anyway, I haven't known how I wanted the header or the blogs to look and so I have been trying to experiment with templates in order to have well, a template for the upgrade. I'm not sure if I want another blog like this one though because I am not very tech savvy and I'm old fashioned. Many people compare me to their grandparents how bad I am with working new things. I did like how easy and simple it was to navigate through the old version of the blog, but I do appreciate how unique it is. Still, I'm trying to transform the blogs without making it too complicated for me. 

07 November, 2018

November IWSG

November 7th marks the first Wednesday of the month, and so that means it's time for another post for The Insecure Writer's Support Group. This will be my first post for November. If you would like to learn more about it, please visit here.

How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

All my life, that was my distinguishing... Well, I suppose it would be called qualities? Creativity and imagination I believe has always been what I was known for. I began writing early on, since I was a child. That was a perfect way for me to show my creativity. I felt while attending public school, my creativity and potential was always being killed, but my mother always encouraged me to be creative for she believes creativity is a strength and not a nuisance as my teachers would tell me. I learned without creativity, most of the things we know and love would not exist. I am glad to have been homeschooled as early as I could, for I was able to enhance my creativity. I believe it evolved mostly when I became homeschooled, because I was taught never to limit my creativity and to understand the power of thoughts. This is how every invention was created, first through a thought.

My creativity and imagination was always vivid and I can pull inspiration from just a thought in my head. It accumulated to all of my WIPs I have today, and I am glad that I will have a long career in writing books, manga, creating games and other projects I have. 

Also my creativity as I began exploring other things outside of writing, however, my creativity was exercised because of my writing, I was able to think of ways in how I could contribute to the causes I care about. It made me think of creative ways to solve problems to specific subjects. I mainly became deeply passionate about bringing awareness to the Native American culture. The Native American culture has always been my favourite in the world, and since I have been learning Indigenous languages, I've been thinking of creative ways to help bring awareness to Native American languages. I then thought I could write through my books and blogs in order to bring awareness as well.

My creativity has been a major thing about my life, and even so that I began living in a creative way. In 2014, I decided to pursue a lifestyle in becoming a Living Doll, which I think is greatly creative. It's very fun to do everyday because I am able to be creative in my makeup, hair, clothes and my style. I usually wear dolly clothes from the Japanese fashion, in which I think the Japanese fashion is the most creative in the world. Very beautiful, especially the Lolita dresses. Even though I am still working on my living doll transformation, I have invited anyone around the world to read about my transformation journey. My new life as a real life doll has became a part of my author brand. 

I think all of this was influenced first by how I never limited my creativity in writing. I then was curious as to how else I could be creative. I was also inspired about creativity through my interest in entrepreneurship. My mother directed me to learn more about this and these sources have always encouraged others to not limit your mind and creativity, but to let it run wild. Also to write every idea down. 

This is the reason why I kind of broke free from writing classes and workshops, and these writing experts because they were teaching me to limit creativity and imagination. How some ideas are too creative and perhaps too silly to write down; to only write what has been done before, and to not experiment what the world hasn't seen yet. I took these courses, although I disagreed with some of what these experts advised me. This is when I mainly focused on writing classes that emphasized on the English language and grammar and proper writing than how to write a book. This is because I was being taught to only follow trends, which come and go, to not develop strong female characters and to limit creativity, even when writing Fantasy or any Fiction. 

So, I believe I have to thank my mother who helped me evolve my creativity into something much stronger, for she encouraged me to be creative, while others tried discouraging me.

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