22 November, 2018

A Problem Most Don't Tell You About Long Haired Dogs

I know there have been numerous warning videos, articles and blog posts saying like, before you decide to own a specific breed or type of dog you should view this first. I think there are excellent ways to inform new dog owners or either experienced dog owners who may want to branch out to other dog breeds. However, there is one problem about buying specific dogs that I feel most do not warn dog owners about.

The major problem is when it comes to dog grooming. Now I know there are several pieces out there already that tells people about how much grooming a dog needs, but I wish I was more aware of the problems when it comes to grooming your dog. You know specific dogs require more maintenance and grooming than others. When you get a long haired dog or a dog that they're fur gets matted easily, there is a possibility you may have trouble grooming these dogs. What I'm saying is from personal experience and also watching other dog owners struggle to groom difficult dogs. Yes, I am talking about dogs who needs extra grooming, but they become aggressive or difficult when they're owner attempts to trim their fur or do any other grooming they require.

You may have these problems with short haired dogs, for all dogs have this potential of picking up this habit of not allowing their owners to groom them. I've heard plenty of lectures from vets and groomers, but sometimes it is not the fault of the dog owner as to why their dog is matted. I've personally seen owners who struggle or even gotten hurt by trying to groom their dog. As a result, they must depend upon groomers to groom their dogs. Dealing with difficult dogs, most groomers refuse to groom dogs that bite or shows any sort of aggression when being groomed.

Often times too, most of these dogs cannot be groomed unless they are sedated. Dog owners have even took their dog to the vet in order to be groomed. The vet sedates the dog and then the dog would be able to be groomed.

I'm not saying groomers are bad people or inexperienced, but with all of the reports of dogs dying due to dogs being groomed by "professional" groomers, I'm leery about trusting a groomer to groom my family's new dog. Actually, it also stems from a very bad experience with dog groomers that also caused a distrust. I feel it's worth sharing because this has became a serious problem.

Our previous dog was a dog unfortunately that gave my family trouble when we attempted to groom him ourselves. He would become aggressive and bite. He was a Yorkie. This means that if these type of dogs are not groomed or does not get regular hair trimmings, their fur gets badly matted. As a result, they have a very bad hoboish, alley dog appearance. Plus, the mats give the dogs trouble when they pull on their skin. So my family were sort of forced to come to groomers to have our dog groomed and so he can look neat.

The problem was that, the groomers were very careless with our dog. He could get badly cut by the clippers and the scissors, they would use shampoos our dog was allergic too and they were very mean to him. That was very sad and unfortunate because he loved people and he easily trusted anyone. The groomers had serious attitudes and had very poor customer service. One time, our dog was even dropped on the floor, injuring his mouth. They were very nonchalant that they dropped him and said, "He's okay." With a very nasty attitude. Who knows, it could have been on purpose because the groomers did not like my family for some reason. So we took our dog elsewhere, but all of the groomers provided the same very bad service.

With our new dog, I don't trust anyone and I keep him close to me after what happened to my family's previous dog. Actually, our previous dog died due to the clinic he went to. So I am even more protective with the new dog. I don't let people rub our dog anymore due to the previous dog being so friendly, but people treated him so unfairly. I feel no one deserved our previous dog's kindness.

So anyway, this is the reason why I'm leery about the groomers, but I do know how difficult it can be when grooming dogs at home. I know experts have said to always expose your dog to grooming to reduce this problem. However, even when you expose them early on to these things, the dog can still end up being a difficult dog. Like even those everyday when the dog is a puppy, you tried getting them use to you touching their food bowl, treats or other things to prevent any aggression. Still, some dogs have developed these aggressive behaviours. The same problem can happen when you try exposing them to grooming as a puppy. When they grow up, they-but perhaps their needs to be more of a frequency with this sort of training to better prevent aggressiveness. 

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