09 November, 2018

Blog Upgrade

So I'm continuing my pursuit for a professional looking blog. I started the upgrade for my author blog, I am not done finishing some stuff. I'm not sure if I would like to keep Aspiring because I know I won't always be an aspiring writer. Maybe just plain Author Tikaani Moon. However, I did want to make it clear that I was an aspiring writer and I'm unpublished at the moment so people wouldn't have to keep asking where are my books.

I have heard of some writers using their blogs as a website and I'm one of those writers.

Anyway, I have been trying to edit the html on this blog, but I discovered my Google account still has restrictions. So I'm not really able to do any sort of coding because Google feels I'm not trustworthy. Unfortunately, this led me depended upon others to design the blog and other stuff. This is why the fixes are going slow. I've been contacting Google to appeal my account and get the flag off of it. This flag has lasted for years due to Facebook alerting Google after flagging me on their site. They keep asking me to refill out forms to appeal my account, but how many do I have to fill out?!

I have been planning the upgrade of my other blogs, Tikaani Moon's Mixed Race and Adoption Series and Proud Land Journal. I forgot the name of my own blog. So anyway, I haven't known how I wanted the header or the blogs to look and so I have been trying to experiment with templates in order to have well, a template for the upgrade. I'm not sure if I want another blog like this one though because I am not very tech savvy and I'm old fashioned. Many people compare me to their grandparents how bad I am with working new things. I did like how easy and simple it was to navigate through the old version of the blog, but I do appreciate how unique it is. Still, I'm trying to transform the blogs without making it too complicated for me. 

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