25 November, 2018

Console Project

Years ago, I developed a concept for a new gaming console due to the ideas I had for gaming. I developed it, but then I got intimidated by the companies who dominate the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony Playstation and Nintendo. This discouraged me from taking my concept to the next level and I ditched it. I was thinking perhaps it was a silly idea and there's no way I could compete with them.

Years later, now, I noticed a lot of things I disliked about Xbox One and the PS4. I thought I could give them suggestions to improve their console, but then I thought why give them these ideas? They'll be profiting and receiving the credit for my ideas. So therefore, I thought about the console concept I was working on and I decided to develop the console. The things I didn't like about the existing consoles, I wanted to incorporate it into my own console to make a better gaming experience.

I know people have commented on how ambitious I sound, and ambitious, these people weren't saying it in a good way. However, they spoke with criticism. I have heard of many consoles being developed but they were fails. However, I think I should give it a shot because I think my concepts and ideas are what the gaming industry needs.

Of course, I prefer to take my console to East Asia to be developed there. I don't try to down other countries, but I feel when it comes to technology, East Asia does surpass others. Most of the consoles are developed there anyway and I feel my ideas and concept would better suit the East Asian technology. I am already creating games, so I minus well develop this idea as well.

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