30 November, 2018

Death of A Fellow Writer

I just recently found out the author of "A Naughty Thing Called Life" passed away in 2016. My family found this out when we realized that we didn't hear any recent news from him. He went by the name of Papa Spyk I believe and was a native of the U.K. and had some work experiences in Hollywood as a stuntman. I remember him being a long time Facebook friend of mine and then he became friends with my mom and our family. This is why we were the most upset when hearing of this news.

The book A Naught Thing Called Life, was a Narrative Nonfiction, an autobiography of his life pretty much. It shared his story of how he made poor decisions. The book shared how he made these decisions with drugs and alcohol. I remember years ago when he shared his story through blogging, but he later turned his story into a book. I know everyone have made mistakes and perhaps made really bad poor decisions which leads them down undesired roads. This story tells everyone that. It was a story of how he turned himself around. Then he wanted to be an inspiration to others, perhaps in telling others to not make the same mistakes he made in his life. The truth is, we are all flawed, whatever mistakes or issues we have, we deal with struggles that come in all forms.

He shared his story, hoping it would inspire others. I have ran across those who have been touched and inspired by his story. Through observing, I could tell he genuinely loved his daughter. I believe she was the motivation he had to change his life around so that he could be there for his daughter. This very story, especially the ending, it reminds us of how short life is and how living beings just come and go out of this world. This is especially when I work all day with hospice patients as well. My daily work is a constant reminder of death.

This story brings a little reflection as well. When knowing this writer met his end in 2016, I can reflect upon the time I interacted with him. All he wanted was to be an inspiration to everyone, to perhaps show everyone people make mistakes and again, to teach people about family and doing what really matters in life. I know after a while, people can realize what they've chased after all of these years was a waste of their time, and perhaps they can realize how frivolous things can soak up your days on Earth. Live life to the fullest, but still live wisely and to make sure you can look back on time without having any regrets at all. This is what I believe he was trying to convey through his story to everyone who heard of his story.

I just thought about this today and I had to post. 

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