13 November, 2018

Kawaii Babe Updated Review

I didn't realize I gave Kawaii Babe a good review, but after my recent incident with this company, I would like to retract my good review. First, Kawaii Babe is an online based store that sells Japanese styled kawaii clothes, accessories, wigs, plush toys and more. It is a company based in California.

This store I found on Instagram, but since the recent scamming store Rose Wholesale I believe? Well, I became skeptical on ordering from stores I never heard of before due to the rise of scams. If there is a new store that I'm unfamiliar with, I usually don't order, but I sometimes too do a Google search of the store. I look at the reviews and see if the store is legit or not. If it's legit, I decide to order. However, this particular store caused me to go back to not ordering from stores I've never heard of before. Also, I'm done with shopping on Instagram.

The incident started when I received a threatening email from Kawaii Babe, stating the police will be called, falsely accusing me of fraud. She was saying how I stole items, and she did admit I was a returning customer. I feel being that I was, it was inappropriate of her to have treated me this way. She kept sending harassing emails, in which I believe she didn't realize I had rights to call the police on her because she kept harassing me, which I believe she didn't realize it was harassment. She was saying she was going to notify my local police about my fraudulent activity. I'm not sure why she claimed this since my recent order did go through, she received payment from the items and I did receive the items as usual.

She got mad that my bank was doing an investigation during the time to see which purchases I made and which ones I didn't. I found out someone was using my card to make purchases. She sounded almost defensive, but still rude nonetheless.

You know, I don't regularly check my emails, but when connecting my email with my phone, I was able to see I got an email from Kawaii Babe. She was claiming when she mentioned the police, that's when I responded to her. However, who checks their emails like that everyday? She claimed I purposely ignored her until she mentioned the police. That's when I had to make her realize I didn't care about her threatening me with the police. I even invited her to call the police if she felt she had to. She knew I wasn't afraid of the mention of the police. I feel it wasn't fair for her to think to scare me with the police involvement.

She kept saying how I didn't understand anything like I'm some dumb foreigner. She also told me, a repeat customer who never had any incidents, that she doesn't want me to order again from her store, again accusing me of fraud. When I went on the site to check something, I realized she locked me out of my account and it restricted me from even adding anything else in the cart and ordering, which I WAS NOT going to order anyway. I was just curious if I was locked out of the site and I was. She flagged my account as fraud, which was not true at all. I paid for all of the items I ordered without incident. She should have acknowledged I did spend hundreds, probably more at her store, but she treated me like I wasn't valued as a paying customer at all. My money was not valued and that's why I would never do business, order from Kawaii Babe ever again.

I'm not sure if it was race related or not or what it was. I am unsure why she targeted and harassed me. She kept sending harassing and threatening emails back to back, nonstop. I did inform the bank I did make the purchases, as I was going to do. She didn't have to bully me into doing something I was going to do at first. Since there was a flag about someone using my card, the bank had to review all of the purchase history with my card. She didn't listen to anything I said to her, when I tried explaining to her the situation. She didn't care though, and continued to harass me. I can tell this was something personal against me, but I'm not sure why she attacked a repeat paying customer. That's dumb on her part to drive away business and I can tell she wasn't business savvy and she didn't know how to conduct business properly. You don't have to be trained in customer service however to know how to talk to people.

I will take my business elsewhere if I'm not valued as a customer. I wish to make a point that she's not the only store that sells kawaii clothes and goods. I have my pick of the litter on a variety of stores that sells the same thing she sells. I feel I shouldn't have to subject myself to abuse and harassment by someone who is clearly ignorant. I have found plenty of stores that value my time and money I spend there. With so much competition out there in the e-commerce world, Kawaii Babe can't afford to lose business.

She was notified that the bank was told I did make those purchases and she was also told to sever ties with me. She never replied to that email, and ever since, she never tried to reconcile things or win me back as a customer. However, even if she did, I would not order anything from her store again. I even have emails that contains her statements on how she never wanted me to order anything from her store again. If she ever returns, I have her emails as proof of what she said and how she conducted herself. There's a way she could have handled that, and she chose to handle it ignorantly. From that email, it reveals she doesn't care anything at all about her customers, especially repeat customers and customers who spent hundreds, possibly thousands at her store.

Due to the harassment and ignorant customer service I received, I do not recommend anyone to shop at Kawaii Babe. 


  1. I recently found a couple of the items listed on that store off of AliExpress. They are definitely a scam!! I'm so glad I did my research and didn't overpay for clothes stolen from other clothing sites. And good for you for writing this post :)

  2. How did you contact her?? Recently I bought a pink rilakkuma plush for my cousin and she sent it a wrong address it wasn’t even in the same city. I tried sending an email but she has not replied back yet

  3. How did you contact her?? Recently I bought a pink rilakkuma plush for my cousin and she sent it a wrong address it wasn’t even in the same city. I tried sending an email but she has not replied back yet


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