11 November, 2018

My First Book Series

I wanted to post more about the first book I want to publish before publishing the other projects I have. I do have a list of publishing orders, which gives me a guide on what book I want to publish in order.

I was thinking of the uphill battle I had with writing my first book. I had always been serious about writing. Well, perhaps that isn't true. I knew years ago maybe when I was 10? Maybe. Anyway, I knew I did love writing and I loved creating. People would often suggest being a writer. When they did, in my mind, I would say no. I wasn't for sure if I wanted to be a writer. Actually, I wanted to enlist in the Air Force. This is something I felt serious about doing and when I turned 18, I was about to enlist. That was until I received concerns and pleads not to leave to enlist. I knew that I had a deep interest in the military, but I decided to not put my family through worrying about me. I'm not sure if I like the decision I made, but in a way I am. I honestly dislike how veterans are treated after serving their country in America. When learning of how terribly they're treated, I was glad I didn't enlist, but I dedicated my time to helping veterans who needs help and who are discarded by their own country.

So I was encouraged to pursue my writing passion. I did and I still do. I think there's a sentimental moment for me because of my struggles and my sacrifices in order to improve my writing. I did love storytelling which is why I blog so much, mainly because of my love for writing and telling stories. This book was really one of the first books I created during the early stages of my writing as a child. I never discarded them but I knew I could use them, but just upgrade them and change what needed to be changed. My Fantasy book was something I worked on for years, due to my age, some people may even say most of my life. Despite of my age, I have always been serious and disciplined when it came to my career and education.

This is huge for me because of the time I spent making my book better. I had lots of ideas for this Fantasy book, and so it grew into a six book series.

There came a few times where I didn't know if I should continue pursuing my dream in being a writer. I wasn't sure if I had what it took to become an established writer. I didn't know if my work was good. Then I realized that was caused by "experts" who tried discouraging me. I was reminded that I'm not doing this for anything special. I write because I love writing. I write about the things I write about because I am passionate about it, regardless of what others may feel about it.

My mother has been my greatest source of encouragement for she encouraged me to continue when I wanted to quit. So whatever happens during my writing career, I have my mother to thank. This is sort of like the book that almost never became published. 

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