07 November, 2018

November IWSG

November 7th marks the first Wednesday of the month, and so that means it's time for another post for The Insecure Writer's Support Group. This will be my first post for November. If you would like to learn more about it, please visit here.

How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

All my life, that was my distinguishing... Well, I suppose it would be called qualities? Creativity and imagination I believe has always been what I was known for. I began writing early on, since I was a child. That was a perfect way for me to show my creativity. I felt while attending public school, my creativity and potential was always being killed, but my mother always encouraged me to be creative for she believes creativity is a strength and not a nuisance as my teachers would tell me. I learned without creativity, most of the things we know and love would not exist. I am glad to have been homeschooled as early as I could, for I was able to enhance my creativity. I believe it evolved mostly when I became homeschooled, because I was taught never to limit my creativity and to understand the power of thoughts. This is how every invention was created, first through a thought.

My creativity and imagination was always vivid and I can pull inspiration from just a thought in my head. It accumulated to all of my WIPs I have today, and I am glad that I will have a long career in writing books, manga, creating games and other projects I have. 

Also my creativity as I began exploring other things outside of writing, however, my creativity was exercised because of my writing, I was able to think of ways in how I could contribute to the causes I care about. It made me think of creative ways to solve problems to specific subjects. I mainly became deeply passionate about bringing awareness to the Native American culture. The Native American culture has always been my favourite in the world, and since I have been learning Indigenous languages, I've been thinking of creative ways to help bring awareness to Native American languages. I then thought I could write through my books and blogs in order to bring awareness as well.

My creativity has been a major thing about my life, and even so that I began living in a creative way. In 2014, I decided to pursue a lifestyle in becoming a Living Doll, which I think is greatly creative. It's very fun to do everyday because I am able to be creative in my makeup, hair, clothes and my style. I usually wear dolly clothes from the Japanese fashion, in which I think the Japanese fashion is the most creative in the world. Very beautiful, especially the Lolita dresses. Even though I am still working on my living doll transformation, I have invited anyone around the world to read about my transformation journey. My new life as a real life doll has became a part of my author brand. 

I think all of this was influenced first by how I never limited my creativity in writing. I then was curious as to how else I could be creative. I was also inspired about creativity through my interest in entrepreneurship. My mother directed me to learn more about this and these sources have always encouraged others to not limit your mind and creativity, but to let it run wild. Also to write every idea down. 

This is the reason why I kind of broke free from writing classes and workshops, and these writing experts because they were teaching me to limit creativity and imagination. How some ideas are too creative and perhaps too silly to write down; to only write what has been done before, and to not experiment what the world hasn't seen yet. I took these courses, although I disagreed with some of what these experts advised me. This is when I mainly focused on writing classes that emphasized on the English language and grammar and proper writing than how to write a book. This is because I was being taught to only follow trends, which come and go, to not develop strong female characters and to limit creativity, even when writing Fantasy or any Fiction. 

So, I believe I have to thank my mother who helped me evolve my creativity into something much stronger, for she encouraged me to be creative, while others tried discouraging me.


  1. That's cool about awareness to Native Americans and their languages and culture. I always wondered why that wasn't taught more in school.

    1. Yes, I think this is a good idea. Well, mainly because the United States censors anything related to the Native Americans.

  2. I wrote a story I placed in the Snow Bird Mountains of North Carolina. While doing research on the setting I kept running into information on the Cherokee in the area and the unfair treatment. I had to incorporate some of the information into the story. It's tragic how we continue to be so unfair to them to this day.

    Public school was a creative motivator for me. Often, I was bored and would write or read to keep myself entertained. LOL

    1. Your story sounds interesting. It is tragic which is why I wanted to take action and help fight for their human rights.

      I would do the same to keep myself, well I guess occupied during the times going to public school.

  3. Kudos to you for bringing awareness to Native Americans and their languages. We have much to them. And kudos to your mother for stressing that creativity is a strength. Where would humanity be without creativity. Our hope for the future lies in creativity. I don't think a writer should follow trends. I think a writer should write about what speaks to him or her. All the best to you!

    1. Thank you. I am grateful for my mom. I also don't believe in following trends and I do agree with that. Thank you.


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