27 March, 2021

Spelling Made Too Easy

As our technology increases and improves, it seems the literacy of grammar, spelling and math is no longer needed to be known. Well, I noticed since we have computers basically thinking for us, anyone can fake being good at spelling.

I think being solely dependent upon computers has proven to decrease people's spelling capacities. That is why I take the time out to brush up on spelling, and practice to spell without the assistance of a computer or phone. Well, I believed it was a good idea because when you are writing on a computer all the time, you can forget how to spell words because you don't require to know how to spell the words if the computer corrects you anyway.

I realized if you don't practice spelling without the help of spell checker, people can forget how to spell the simplest words.

The same occurs with math. Not really math, but I think the ability to count money. When you live in America, you really don't require the skills to count money because everything is digital and mostly people use credit cards to make purchases. These cards spares you from having to count money. Unfortunately, I see also how if you don't brush up on these things, you can easily forget these things. When searching around at other countries, I realized some of these countries I am interested in accepts mostly cash during purchases. It probably is more safer to use cash anyway, but using a card is more convenient. Perhaps there are more Americans getting embarrassed when going to countries that mainly accepts cash, but perhaps foreigners could be excused anyway due to a difference in currency. Maybe.

Returning back to spelling though, I've noticed more people being overly depended upon computers and phones to spell for us. We can write while they do the spelling. It's funny because sometimes I get lazy with spelling because I know the computer is going to correct me anyway. I know it's a bad habit that I don't even try to spell the word correctly. Yes, it is a bad habit and I'm trying to not be too depended upon spell check. I wonder what happens if I have to write anything on paper where spell check doesn't exist? So, I know how important it is to learn how to spell without the aid of spell check.

I know in America, Americans are not taught the importance of spelling is without spell check. Most of the time we're able to get by, but no one wants to be embarrassed due to limited spelling capacities. I noticed more and more Americans growing overly depended upon spell check and less having the ability to spell without a computer assisting them.

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