14 November, 2018

Upcoming Stan Lee Fan Art

I was just planning fan art made for Stan Lee because I have always been a huge fan of his work. Now unfortunately, it will become a tribute to him. I will make sure to post the artwork once it is finished.

On this subject, I have to share how again, I've been his biggest fan and I've been greatly inspired by Stan Lee. I ran across a tweet that someone shared on how he never gave up his creation of Spiderman until it was published. People were giving criticism on how people dislike spiders and how unlikely people would like what he created. How wrong were they.

Stan Lee's life work inspired me. He inspired me as a writer to not limit creativity. Don't quit, no matter what others think and don't be afraid of your different ideas. I believe Stan Lee is who shaped the comic book and also superhero world as it is today. It's incredible how he created something that brought everyone together from all walks of life. I've seen how he impacted so many people from around the world. He inspires me to create something that brings the world together, and he definitely has. I saw those in Japan and Russia and other countries also giving their condolences and expressing sadness over his death.

Stan Lee inspires to leave behind a legacy and to leave your mark. His work inspires to think outside the box and to be original in your work. Well, definitely me. I was very sad, my whole family was because we had grown to love Stan Lee very much. I was very excited when he made those cameo appearances in his movies and even in the Lego games.

I have already shared the people who inspired me in my life and Stan Lee is one of the few who has. No many people inspire me and touch my heart, but he has. I learned so much by watching him throughout the years and he inspired me to continue my work as a writer.

The world needs original and new things and Stan Lee showed the world this. He inspired to not give up even when faced with those rejections by publishers who doesn't believe in your work.

Another thing however, I was saddened when following the latest news on Stan Lee being a victim of Elder Abuse and the issue with his own daughter. I was disgusted by that, but yes, Elder Abuse is a serious problem in the United States. As I have said before, there needs to be more awareness being made about how seniors are being treated. Working with seniors for a living, I know this all too well.

I'm still quite upset over the news and it'll take me a while to get over it. I'm not sure if I would, but I'll try.

So the fan art, now tributes to Stan Lee are still being planned out and I will post them here once they're ready...

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