19 November, 2018

What's Affecting My Writing Right Now...

I know I said nothing affects my ability to write. Lately, I've noticed how that changed, sort of. A few years ago, I injured my right hand, which is my dominant hand. Ever since that day I injured it, I've had serious problems using my hand and also dealing with the severe pain. Okay well, everyone knows I can take a lot of pain, that I have an extremely high tolerance for it. So when complaining about my hand, people know it's serious. I don't complain much about it, although that doesn't make the pain and discomfort go away.

It use to be localized only to the pinkie finger, but now I have difficulties with my entire right hand. The problem is it's making it hard for me to write. Everyday, the pain gets worse and there is severe pain when I write. No, that hasn't stopped me from writing though. I continue through the pain, but I end up cutting it short sooner than I want. Short, meaning perhaps after a few hours of ignoring the pain. Then I stop when I can't stand anymore.

Most think I broken my right hand, which this wouldn't be the first time I injured my dominant hand. Actually, I think it was injured four times, the fourth time taking a toll on it. Now I find it difficult opening things and using my hand for basic things. I know this isn't good due to the job I have. As a PCA, it gets hard doing certain things. For instance, I notice I can't open medicine bottles and certain other things for patients. I feel myself losing strength in my right hand as well, which is not good, again for my job.

I've been told doctors believe the bone in my hand may have fused with a nerve, which causes my endless pain. The bad part about that, there was talk of how perhaps the bone needs to be rebroken and fixed so it can heal properly. Many think the bone didn't heal as it should have. I know that probably would make things worse and I definitely couldn't use my hand at all, since I already can hardly use it now. That would affect my ability to write.

Two injuries were actually dog bites, which one dog bite permanently damaged my right thumb. I need my thumb-well, I need all of my fingers and definitely both hands to write. It makes things harder, but I now have to pace myself and make sure to take more breaks.  


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