17 November, 2018

Why People Should Learn About the American Civil War

I wanted to discuss the issue with studying the American Civil War due to recent tensions in the United States. The media and everyone else discourages people from learning about the Civil War. I know I am few a part of my ethnic group in America who considers themselves a Civil War Researcher. Due to the recent racial tensions that intensified in the country, most Americans feel it's spreading ignorance for learning about the Civil War or even acknowledging it happened. In America, most people don't realize how much censorship happens, but the American Civil War, among other historical events is something Americans censor and consider it forbidden to mention it at all.

I have also been watching the news of how historical monuments were taken down. Since that is a sensitive subject, I won't get into that debate. However, I do believe it is important for us not to forget history or to try to forget. Censoring history won't erase what happened. Nothing you say or do is going to change history, for it did happen and everyone has a right to understand their country's past.

I know slavery, racism and war are ugly subjects to get into, however, in order for history to never be repeated, we must first learn it so we can never repeat it. History, especially Civil War history is there for not just Americans, but for everyone around the world to see the consequences when countries divide and turn against itself. The American Civil War reminds us of how ironic America is called United States, but never have Americans been united. Even today, the history is being repeated from the past of the American Civil War how Americans were divided and couldn't agree with anything. It resulted in war. Also, most people don't know that the American Civil War actually changed Brazil's demographics as it is today. Many Americans fled America during the 1860's to escape war, most of them fled to Brazil for safety. Many of them settled there in Brazil, never returning to America again. They crossed with the natives of Brazil, thus, creating a European population or a European mix race in this country. The result of so many Americans flooding Brazil, it brought a large percentage of European population there.

Let us not repeat history, but for us to not repeat history, we must educate ourselves on what happened. Nothing should be censored out. You can't censor out things from history you don't like. You should take it as it is, and accept that is history. When learning of the past, it can make you understand which direction we should never go again. Mainly, we don't want America divided so much that it brings about a second American Civil War, resulting in Americans fleeing the country again. Now with so much rhetoric about people seeking asylum here, I am unsure if other countries would have compassion for Americans today if we were to seek asylum, especially in South America.

I also tend to believe it's nice to be educated about the country you are living in. I find it interesting how so many Americans don't know anything about their own country. I feel it is nice to know how a country you live in was founded and who were the people who helped shape the country as it is today. Whether or not Americans accept this, the American Civil War was such a major event in history, that it did affect the present, and America is forever stained with these scars, including slavery.

Many may argue too that I can easily say this since none of my ancestors were slaves. Many Americans make this argument, but if you look closer at history again, most don't know Africans were not the only group kept as slaves. Many people from different countries were brought to the United States for free labour just as the Africans were brought on ships to America. Many of them were From China, Mexico and so many other countries, but mainly non-European countries.

I found documents which proves many were also Jews, Roma and even Turks who were brought to America to be slaves. It also shows people from these countries who assumed they were coming to America for a better life and to have the opportunities that were here, they were sadly mistaken. If you look more into like family ancestry from these populations as I have done, you can find documents showing this. I'm not sure why this isn't mentioned in the United States though.

Today, Americans don't value history anymore. While other countries are trying to preserve their history and historical treasures, America is tearing ours down. It matters not anyway. Even if these things are destroyed, the past can never be erased. 

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