27 November, 2018

Writing Anonymously

I read an answer from a Quora question which said it's possible for writers to write under a pen name and to protect their identity of going anonymous. Like what I was doing at first, planning on writing in a way to protect my anonymity.

I didn't want people to know I was a writer for some reason, and so I created the pen name Tikaani Moon and the image of the wolf as my brand. Everyone at my job and also others still don't know I'm Tikaani Moon. This does include some neighbors, but only a few neighbors know. I use to not tell people I write because as a writer, I didn't want the attention that comes when you become established. I just simply did this because I love writing, not for attention. Plus, I love privacy and peace.

The brand I created fits my works as well. Humans have asked why I don't get endorsements from all of those professionals I know, and the answer is because they don't know who I am online. I don't like putting my real name on the internet.

Writing anonymously has became harder with the internet involved. People have ways of finding out who you are with modern technology because your identity is not protected online. Often times you may run into the same problems I had when I was completely anonymous. You get people who wants to report you and plus, these sites to give you an online presence forces you to share your personal information online. Even when telling them valid reasons why you prefer to stay anonymous, people don't respect your wishes. I mean, you could skip online, but I read modern authors actually need an online presence unless you are already established and well known.

A good example of this would be Facebook again. Someone reported me claiming my account was fake only because I didn't have my information online. I felt it was appropriate to not have my personal info on social sites, but after the incident with Facebook, I noticed I've been reported and claimed to be a bot or spam, and all of my accounts were spam. So I attempted to flesh out my Tikaani Moon character, even though I wished to remain anonymous.

So I feel this is a major issue when trying to write anonymously. However due to privacy reasons, I do feel it can be a valid reason why someone would wish to publish anonymously. Writers may wish to avoid all the attention that comes with writing and especially if you are a private person and wish to not have personal information on the internet.

From the years I researched about writing anonymously, I learned from articles that it can be good to write this way for race, gender or for other specific reasons listed in most websites to help learn about anonymous writing. I learned to no matter what give out your real name or anything about you, nothing that you don't want others to know about you. Well the more established an individual gets, the more people feel entitled to know more about them.

I remember though being given a suggestion how some readers may have more interest in a writer's work than the writer itself. That isn't always the case. I read lots of classic reads, and so for history reasons, wait, I don't think I do bother to learn everything there is to know about the writer, even classic writers. However, I feel being anonymous was far easier back in those days than it is now. It seems almost impossible to keep your identity safe from online. You know, I did it for a few years, but then the incident ruined my brand. 

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