28 December, 2018

New Space Opera WIP

Space Opera is an interesting genre in Science Fiction. You could consider it sort of like a sub-genre of the Science Fiction genre to better label specific Science Fiction books. It usually takes place in some sort of space related setting and is much like, well the example I could give is Star Trek. I think this is a good example of how Space Opera works.

I've started a few projects for Science Fiction books. I have always been interested in writing both Fantasy and Science Fiction.

However, I have a new WIP that is a full Space Opera book. At first, I wasn't really interested in Space Opera. That was until I started getting interested in superhero type entertainment and that started when I started playing superhero themed video games. My first Science Fiction WIP is starting to turn a little bit like a Space Opera too. This is a separate Science Fiction project, for I have many other Science Fiction WIPs. This new Space Opera though, this was when I really wanted to write a Space Opera book for a few weeks. Perhaps last month in September is when I got this idea for another book.

I already picked names and wrote summaries for the most important characters. I am still developing and fleshing out the other characters. I am also still trying to develop the plot even more from a random idea I had. I have to make this idea turn into a full length book. I do tend to write Action/Adventure books, so this is also into that genre as well. I write how I prefer books and I do love books with lots of adventure. If it's a Science Fiction, especially a Space Opera, I want to be taken to unique and interesting settings, to wondrous adventures.

So I haven't developed the settings yet, but that is something I plan on doing soon. I know I must get going on my Fantasy book series, but when I have ideas for other projects, I write them down.

23 December, 2018

New Updates

Lately I've been busy enrolling for college at the Southern New Hampshire University. I plan to do everything online since I live in Minnesota. I've done lots of schooling already ever since being homeschooled. I felt I had to make up for not going to public school, but mainly too because I desired to have proper education. So I skipped grades and learned straight college level education.

This time however, I want to focus on a major relating to my main career, writing. I saw Creative Writing. I did get schooling on Creative Writing already, but just to get certificates not a degree and I would like to have a degree in Creative Writing. I have heard agents and publishers do tend to take writers more seriously if they have at least some real education or basically a degree to prove your education in writing. I thought since I don't have past writing experience, maybe they won't take me seriously. People already don't take me seriously because of my age and they just assume I am not serious when it comes to writing. This is also to know the latest things on the industry and know things I don't know.

Most of my major related to history, but mainly nursing. I spent all my time training and schooling to become a nursing staff and PCA. It's nothing related to writing, but it did help in my writing career. I was learning things that was relevant to what I write about. I revolved my education around learning about the topics I write about in my books, manga, scripts and other things. That mean getting schooling on history, health, science, grammar, cultures and social sciences. I also did study languages. Earlier, I didn't have any interest in studying the languages I'm learning now, but French. So my earlier years, I spent studying the French language.

I just can't decide which one I should choose. Creative Writing or Web Design for a Bachelor's degree? Well, because of the recent government shutdown, I have been having to wait to enroll or to complete enrollment. That's okay because that gives me time to decide.

For writing, unfortunately, I have been getting less work done. I try to get back into writing at least something everyday. I think December 21 was the last time I worked on my WIPS. Well not really. I mostly research for books and write down ideas and notes through my phone until I can write. It's hard to concentrate in my house, so I have to wait until everyone is asleep, which can take a long time. I would like to write a lot more and write everyday.

For the blog, I have been working on getting headers for the two other blogs I have. Also I was working on upgrading them, in which no, I'm not done upgrading the blogs.

And for my Living Doll Transformation update, I am still pursuing my goal to become a new real life doll. I am currently building my wardrobe, makeup supplies and change up my bedroom. I plan to share more in another post.

So, this is what I wanted to share... 

17 December, 2018

Barbie Girl

The Human Barbie trend seems to remind humans of the song, Barbie Girl. The song doesn't really resonate with me, although a few versus from the song...

Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

And of course the whole idea of being a Barbie Girl! I think perhaps these parts of the song can inspire other Living Dolls, maybe.

I don't want to be a Human Barbie, nor do I want to be labeled as one because I feel there are too many Human Barbies out there already. I wanted to do something different. However, I do remember Barbie being my favourite in my childhood and sometimes I find myself developing a Barbie theme. I mean with the pink and stuff I guess. People have thought I was going for a Human Barbie theme, but I'm not!

I know also due to my blonde hair, people have thought Barbie best suits me and it probably does. I will be switching and dressing up occasionally as existing dolls once becoming a Living Doll. So one day, I will dress up as Barbie, but I won't become a Human Barbie.

I would rather become an Ellowyne Wilde Doll just until I am able to bring out my own original Anime styled doll.

This post was also to comment on a recent comment I heard about the measurements of Barbie. These comments were made about how people measured Barbies proportions and determined no one can realistically match her body proportions. My response to this is, Barbie is a doll, are you serious?! Of course Barbie is not going to have measurements realistic to a real woman. I mean, she's a doll, a toy. I feel their argument is not valid since she can be considered a cartoony character, and no one should actually compare Barbie to real life.

Most of society take no time to understand Human Barbies at all. They know they're unable to have her exact measurements because it is impossible. Everyone knows that. Living Dolls only wish to have a closeness to having doll-like features, and many of Living Dolls are able to achieve this goal in resembling a real life doll without being too unrealistic.

I don't see why the media attacks us Living Dolls so much. Anyway, I feel it is beautiful to resemble a doll; to achieve porcelain features in real life. Most of it is makeup anyway though. As far as I can remember though, Barbie has always taught girls that they can be anything. So the Living Doll society is not about making women weak and loading them with unrealistic and impossible expectations. It's to show them how beautiful they can be. It shows people to not follow mainstream trends, but to be an individual. Don't be afraid to stand out and do whatever makes you happy. 

14 December, 2018

The Search Officially Begins

Since I have completed all the preparations in preparing my first book, the real search for a literary agent has officially started. For years, I've been studying about this and now the time has finally come for me.

Since my first book, and book series is Fantasy, I have been going over agents who represents Fantasy. I haven't found one yet that fits the type of work I write, but I am certain I will. I am currently looking for someone who would cover Fiction, stuff like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and other stuff related. I do have to make sure if the agent would be willing to work with an international publisher.

I am not sure if I would like to publish in the United States, but if things work out well, I might. However, when it comes to both agents and publishers, I'm not narrowing my search to just the United States. I will find where my work will be most accepted and perceived the best.

I know I've read about rejections, but they do not bother me. I feel if there is a rejection, it's only because it wasn't a good fit. I am searching for someone who would believe in my work and who would acknowledge my years of hard work.

Since I am sharing my path to publication, I will continue to share updates regarding this. I know I've been wanting this for years, but I still can't believe I'm at this point. I know my work is far from over, but my writing will officially begin once I am published.

After this journey of perfecting my writing and my book series, I can gladly say I've worked my own way up to this point independently. I know others speak of writing communities and groups for support, but frankly, no one but my family has supported me through this journey. To everyone else, I was considered the outsider and the underdog. Being a lone Wolf anyway, I preferred to lean only on my own two feet to get things done. 

11 December, 2018

Not Freelancing

I know I've been asked by others if I was a freelance writer and even some people assuming I write just as a pastime, freelancing activity. I must make this post to let everyone know I am not a freelance writer. I seek to become a professionally published writer.

Writing will be my full-time career and job. The reason I don't have anything available for people to read (currently) is that I am aspiring and simply an unpublished writer. I have been perfecting my writing skills and improving my projects until I knew they were publish ready. I didn't want to rush to publish my books, but they lack the ingredients in order to be a solid read. I've gotten so much pressure from online about publishing. I will get there and I'm more closer to publication than I was years ago. I knew my first book wasn't ready to be published. That's why I had to learn about proper book writing. After learning this, I went back and fixed the problems with the book.

While I do not find anything wrong with freelance writing, this is not what I'm doing. I'm not a freelance writer for I seek to be a full-time writer. Well, I am already a full-time writer, the only thing is that I am not published yet. I was not ready to publish because I wasn't done fixing the problems and I wasn't finished with the story itself. I wasn't going to send a book out there I know had inconsistencies, was not cohesive and the dialogue needed to be improved just because those online tried pressuring me about not being published yet.

I know my age gives me the advantage with my writing career. I worked on the particular book I will publish first for years, trying to make it better. I know it won't be perfect, but I still couldn't be lazy about writing if I call myself a serious writer. That I am. I know I had to do the best of my ability to write the book, write the best I can write and do it wholeheartedly. When I put my book out there, I want it to show how much I put into my projects. I did work extra hard on my writing and investing in my career and future. That's why my youth was unconventional and not typical. Most of my childhood was spent investing into my career.

It would be nice to have my investment start budding and blossoming. 

10 December, 2018

Grave of the Fireflies Movie Review (1988)

When I was younger, I was never interested in Anime and this is the reason why I'm watching this late. I first heard of the Grave of the Fireflies when my sister mentioned it. She would always say how she wanted to see this movie. I ended up watching it without her.

The animated movie is based on the conflict between the United States and Japan, that time and history when both nations were at war. It gave an insight of the lives affected by the Hiroshima bombing and the ongoing war, which was a bit sad to see the extent of the damage the U.S. inflicted on the Japanese people. I've been recently interested in learning about the Japanese side to World War II, especially Pearl Harbor. Not much of this is talked about in America, and that's why I must go into foreign sources in order to learn this. America tends to censor this part of history. Honestly, I don't know what would justify the United States using such a weapon upon the people of Japan. This movie gave insight of how the regular citizens of Japan were caught up in a war not started by them, but by the two governments.

The one thing I wasn't too sure about this movie, was the beginning. Well, I wasn't sure why it kept jumping around to Seita and Setsuko being in random places. The beginning told these two were dead, but I suppose it was to give a backstory on how the two met their end. However, the ending I felt was a bit strange.

I know Anime is probably usually sad, but this one made me think a lot about my studies on World War II throughout the years. I started to think about the things I read regarding the United States bombing other countries and it didn't make me too proud of America.

In the movie, I was very frustrated with Seita and Setsuko's aunt whom I thought was very cruel. I just hate people who mistreat other people cruelly, especially family. Seita had already gone through a lot and he was left with the burden of his sister, but the aunt just added on a burden upon him. I loathe these sort of parents and guardians of children. Accusing the children of freeloading after losing their mother to the bombing, selling their mother's kimonos for rice, and knowing they had no where else to go.

It was obvious their cause of death was from malnutrition. I've heard about the devastation of war. It's just hard to think how it affects children and how children die so early caused by war. The one part in particular on the announcement that the United States won Pearl Harbor. People in America celebrate, but the Japanese ships were sunk, which meant their people did not survive. It makes you think war doesn't determine who is right, there are no real winners in a fight, for it is tragic for the fallen party. Both sides are badly affected. War does nothing but destroys, but I'm afraid war probably will never end just as long as we have politics.

Well, I probably give this movie four stars. It was an interesting watch and I do recommend it, although I would have liked for the ending to have more of a decent conclusion to everything. Maybe showing how Seita got to this train station in the beginning. Please forgive me if it wasn't actually a train station. It just looked like one to me. 

05 December, 2018

December IWSG

It's time for another IWSG post for December; if you would like to learn more about it, visit here:

What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?

Writing space? Well I guess first I'd have to count the laptop? Then I always have my phone beside me. I use my phone to quickly look up something for my WIPs and to access my outline documents. It can also be as a result of my phone addiction.

Third, an ice pack for my hand that I have been struggling with my injury. It can be painful using my right hand, but I found the ice pack helpful when I'm writing. I just take a second break.

Fourth, my headphones which is extremely important to me. I have to listen to music when writing. When I put on my headphones, I'm able to zone everything out and focus on my work better.

Fifth, a sketchbook. I've been practicing my drawing skills a few years ago, but then I gave up. I now have the sketchbooks for reference and just in case I have ideas on world maps and fashion designs. I've been observing how other writers plan out their world maps and this inspired me to do the same.   

03 December, 2018

Writers Blogging

After years of advice not to blog, I've recently ran across articles which suggest it's good for writers to blog. You can get a little confused with these contradicting information, but for me personally, I think blogging was a good choice.

I have read again, that aspiring writers can build an audience and an introduction before their publication. I still haven't found an agent or publisher yet, but I've been more closer to publishing than ever before. Others were invited to read about my journey to publication. 

I do know how tricky blogging can be. I'm still quite new to blogging and perhaps others can notice that. It's the reason why I stuck to Blogger so I can improve my blogging without being overwhelmed by less simple blogging platforms. Blogger is a good starting place for new bloggers, but it's also a good place to stay and I think even after I fully get the hang of blogging, I won't move to another platform. I don't like change at all. 

I am aware though how hard it can be to maintain a blog and it can sometimes take some work. This is the reason some believed writers shouldn't blog because we assume writing a book is the same with blogging, and people think it isn't. Well, no it's not. I realize now that once you start blogging, you have to maintain it. Blogging is something that once you start, you must then be committed to keeping an active blog. 

There's the issue of possibly running out of topics and things to blog about. This is why although some may see my blog as disorganized and random, I like to keep it while, focused, a little broad. This way I perhaps would never run out of topics and won't allow a blog to become inactive. I know I dislike inactive blogs, especially since I've been reading blogs. 

I may have an issue where since articles have emphasized how blogging is not the same as writing a book, I tend to not treat it as-well, I'm not sure what to call it. I wouldn't say serious, but I have a habit of doing less time proofreading my posts before publishing it. That's why I may have some strange errors in my posts, but after I publish them, I usually notice it and have to edit the post to fix my mistake. Like this very post, I'm sure I won't proofread it enough. Plus, since I've spent so much time studying other languages, I tend to make terrible mistakes in the English language. I also read lots of stuff with bad English which I tend to pick up. I have noticed this to be one of my bad habits of writing when I'm not working on my WIPs. 

I guess it can be tricky not to run out of topics and to not become redundant with posts. I am unsure if I have ever became redundant, but I guess since it is an Author Blog, it gives a little room for topics. I guess. 

So, I guess that's all I wanted to share about blogging as a writer.  

01 December, 2018

The Amazing Bulk, The Worst Movie In History

This is the worst movie I had ever seen and it must be labeled as the worst movie of all time. I first heard of The Amazing Bulk through a video of dumbest movies. I was amused by the clips, that I did pursue to watch it only for hilarity. I am not sure why, but I do tend to waste my time watching stupid movies for some humor. This particular movie was the worst I had ever seen.

Of course, it's obviously a spin-off from the Marvel character The Hulk with a weird naked purple obese creature. It's very poorly made and extremely random.

Here is the video I watched. I couldn't hear anything due to me laughing so hard, so I'm not too sure what's it about...

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