17 December, 2018

Barbie Girl

The Human Barbie trend seems to remind humans of the song, Barbie Girl. The song doesn't really resonate with me, although a few versus from the song...

Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

And of course the whole idea of being a Barbie Girl! I think perhaps these parts of the song can inspire other Living Dolls, maybe.

I don't want to be a Human Barbie, nor do I want to be labeled as one because I feel there are too many Human Barbies out there already. I wanted to do something different. However, I do remember Barbie being my favourite in my childhood and sometimes I find myself developing a Barbie theme. I mean with the pink and stuff I guess. People have thought I was going for a Human Barbie theme, but I'm not!

I know also due to my blonde hair, people have thought Barbie best suits me and it probably does. I will be switching and dressing up occasionally as existing dolls once becoming a Living Doll. So one day, I will dress up as Barbie, but I won't become a Human Barbie.

I would rather become an Ellowyne Wilde Doll just until I am able to bring out my own original Anime styled doll.

This post was also to comment on a recent comment I heard about the measurements of Barbie. These comments were made about how people measured Barbies proportions and determined no one can realistically match her body proportions. My response to this is, Barbie is a doll, are you serious?! Of course Barbie is not going to have measurements realistic to a real woman. I mean, she's a doll, a toy. I feel their argument is not valid since she can be considered a cartoony character, and no one should actually compare Barbie to real life.

Most of society take no time to understand Human Barbies at all. They know they're unable to have her exact measurements because it is impossible. Everyone knows that. Living Dolls only wish to have a closeness to having doll-like features, and many of Living Dolls are able to achieve this goal in resembling a real life doll without being too unrealistic.

I don't see why the media attacks us Living Dolls so much. Anyway, I feel it is beautiful to resemble a doll; to achieve porcelain features in real life. Most of it is makeup anyway though. As far as I can remember though, Barbie has always taught girls that they can be anything. So the Living Doll society is not about making women weak and loading them with unrealistic and impossible expectations. It's to show them how beautiful they can be. It shows people to not follow mainstream trends, but to be an individual. Don't be afraid to stand out and do whatever makes you happy. 

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