25 August, 2021

Naming Characters

My post took a while because I haven't had my laptop working properly. So I wrote this on my phone which I am not used to writing on a phone. 

I have been getting lots of ideas for new WIPs, and every time I get a random thought, I write it down. I don't let nothing go to waste. It seems my creativity will never fail me.

More recently though when I start a new WIP. Well, I don't actually start writing the project. I first create a document for all notes, major events, setting, characters and other important information I need before writing. I then create an outline. Lately, I've noticed the frequent habit of me forgetting to grab names for the characters. I am like, Wait! I don't have any names! Picking names isn't a problem for me, unless I am trying to name a character with an international name. I mean it can get hard finding a large list of names for foreign characters. But I think the difficulty is remembering to name characters before writing in the major scenes. Yes, I tend to write in the major events in the WIP first before figuring out how to connect scenes together. I'll figure that out later. I just refer back to my notes and even character profiles. They are useful in order to incorporate those things about characters in sub-scenes.

I have a few favourite names and favourite cultural names. I find myself drawn to Eastern European names, mainly of Slavic origin. I think they are beautiful names. I also favour Japanese and Native American names. Most people don't notice how beautiful Native American names are. I wish to be able to add the names I love.

I am not very good at creating original names because I can only base it on the second language I speak, Russian. My family have given ideas of names, I will definitely use them.

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