28 December, 2018

New Space Opera WIP

Space Opera is an interesting genre in Science Fiction. You could consider it sort of like a sub-genre of the Science Fiction genre to better label specific Science Fiction books. It usually takes place in some sort of space related setting and is much like, well the example I could give is Star Trek. I think this is a good example of how Space Opera works.

I've started a few projects for Science Fiction books. I have always been interested in writing both Fantasy and Science Fiction.

However, I have a new WIP that is a full Space Opera book. At first, I wasn't really interested in Space Opera. That was until I started getting interested in superhero type entertainment and that started when I started playing superhero themed video games. My first Science Fiction WIP is starting to turn a little bit like a Space Opera too. This is a separate Science Fiction project, for I have many other Science Fiction WIPs. This new Space Opera though, this was when I really wanted to write a Space Opera book for a few weeks. Perhaps last month in September is when I got this idea for another book.

I already picked names and wrote summaries for the most important characters. I am still developing and fleshing out the other characters. I am also still trying to develop the plot even more from a random idea I had. I have to make this idea turn into a full length book. I do tend to write Action/Adventure books, so this is also into that genre as well. I write how I prefer books and I do love books with lots of adventure. If it's a Science Fiction, especially a Space Opera, I want to be taken to unique and interesting settings, to wondrous adventures.

So I haven't developed the settings yet, but that is something I plan on doing soon. I know I must get going on my Fantasy book series, but when I have ideas for other projects, I write them down.

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